Nintendo DS Media | Dawn of Heroes (Strategy from Keepsake Developers)

By Adam Riley 27.09.2007 5

The creators of Keepsake for PC, Wicked Studios, is working hard on a 3D strategy game for the Nintendo DS called 'Dawn of Heroes'. Currently without a publisher, the company has been flaunting a very impressive trailer recently. Check it out below:

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Box art for Dawn of Heroes








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I really enjoy tactical RPGs, so I'm quite happy to see more of them. This one looks pretty dang nice too.

Wow, I thought the areas shown in the trailer weren't actually DS graphics, but when the camera pans close to a door or wall you can see the pixelated textures, which is something you notice on DS games.

Shame I'm not into Strategy games though Smilie

The graphics do look fantastic...You kind of don't expect it from anyone other than Nintendo, Square Enix and possibly Bandai Namco (if ToI is anything to go by)!

If anyone has any questions for the dev team, I've been granted an let me know asap Smilie (PM me)

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

I find it hard to believe they are DS graphics 'cause they look so sharp. I'll take your word for it though! They look pretty nice.


I Rule.

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