News | Weekly Round-Up: 23.09.2007 - 30.09.2007

By Cubed3 Autobot 30.09.2007

Welcome to the weekly C3 round-up (23.09.2007 - 30.09.2007), a collection of news and updates posted this week in world of Nintendo and video games.

General News

October Japanese VC Releases
A whole load of funky new, well, old, games are heading to the Wii's Virtual Console service in the land of the rising Sun. October's fine selection includes Esper Dream, Donkey Kong 2, Yoshi's Story, Bare Knuckle III and more.

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More Japanese Kids Prefer NES to PSP
In a recent question posed to a handful of Japanese children asked which game console they often played, Nintendo definitely came up considerably more than others.

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PSP Slim Smashes Nintendo DS, Wii Hits New Low
Update - Full hardware numbers and the Top 50 have been updated.

The latest sales figures are in and the release of the PSP Slim has completely wiped the floor with the competition this week, giving Sony the lead for a second week running.

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Sin and Punishment Hits Europe Today!
The close of the Hanabi Festival is upon us and Nintendo has graciously released the previously Japanese-only Sin and Punishment onto the Virtual Console download service for Wii owners to grab, along with some other treats.

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SEEDS Goes Platinum
Quick News: In a surprise announcement highly regarded outfit SEEDS (once known as Clover Studios) will merge with ODD Corporation to create Platinum Games, which, according to the site's announcement is a fresh step forward.

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Farewell to NOA's Beth Llewelyn
Nintendo of America's Beth Llewelyn, senior director of corporate communications, has announced today that she won't be following the company's relocation plans bidding farewell to Mushroom Kingdom.

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Retro Comments on Metroid Dread Rumour
Retro's Mark Pacini recently discussed recent speculation on the company's supposed hints on Metroid Dread in the Wii installment of the Metroid Prime. Will Samus return in 2D?

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Bioshock Coming to Wii and DS by 2009?
Quick News - According to analyst Mike Hickey of Janco Partners, Take-Two is keen to expand its Bioshock 'series', which will likely include editions of the game coming to Wii, PS3 and even handhelds by the fiscal year 2009.

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The Ocean Becomes Endless this November in Europe
Whilst Nintendo has now delayed Endless Ocean (Forever Blue in Japan) over in the US until early next year, Nintendo of Europe has given us a pleasant surprise and revealed the Afrika-developed Wii exclusive will be hitting this territory sooner than expected.

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Ubisoft Confirms Wii/DS Lineup for Q3 2007-2008
Ubisoft has today confirmed its new line-up of games coming between the third quarter of 2007 and 2008, including many 'casual' games for both Wii and Nintendo DS.

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New Fatal Frame Confirmed for Wii
Quick News - Tecmo has confirmed that the next Fatal Frame thrilling adventure will be developed exclusively for Nintendo's Wii by Suda51's Grasshopper Manufacture once the team has completed No More Heroes (also for Wii). No further details are currently known.

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Ogre Battle Team and Viva Pinata on Wii?
Quick News - The latest EGM rumour column states Viva Pinata: Party Animals will also come to Wii as well as Xbox 360, plus the Ogre Battle team is working on a Wii strategy RPG. Whilst the latter seems a strong possibility, Pinata is a Rare/Microsoft brand, so it seems doubtful it could come to Wii.

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Desperate for a Wii? Head to the Japanese Countryside!
In a strange turn of events, it appears that many tourists keen on grabbing Nintendo's Wii console are going as far as travelling to Japan's countryside in the hope of snagging one.

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Virtual Console Gets the Rage, Plus an Avalanche
The latest updates have hit US Wii systems, meaning gamers can now log onto the Virtual Console service and download three new 'classic' titles from yesteryear. But what is on offer this week?

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Nintendo Becomes 2nd Most Valuable Japanese Company
Quick News - Nintendo has now passed Canon to become the 2nd most valuable company behind Toyota Motor in Japan thanks to Wii and DS. Shares on Tuesday shot up 2.6%, bringing its market value to 8.34 trillion Yen (~

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