Nintendo News | Sin & Punishment Sequel Being Considered

By Adam Riley 28.10.2007 5

Nintendo and Treasure have already successfully brought Sin & Punishment (reviewed here) from the N64 over to the Virtual Console and seen strong sales of the previously Japan-only title so far. Now there is talk of a proper sequel coming!

In the latest issue of Nintendo Power over in the US, there is an interview with Masata Meagawa of Treasure, in which he states the following:

"We already have some work underway with the Wii but couldn't make any announcements just yet. We do plan to put more resources into Wii development in the future...When we were originally working on Sin and Punishment, there was some discussion utilising Wii-like controls, and I think now that we're working more with the Wii, [ Sin & Punishment 2 ] is something we'd very much like to try."

Share your thoughts on this and stick around for more updates...

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I knew it! Smilie Japan-only games coming to the west are bound to get quick fame. That measn Chrono Trigger & Mario RPG should come over here too, & maybe Square will see the light Smilie

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Makes sense considering the high amount of downloads for the original on VC.

Yes please. Smilie

It sure does. This will be fantastic if it comes to fruition, I just hope that if it does it will have much of what the fans of the original would expect. The VC has definitely been a contributing factor, I hope this happens to a few other games on VC also. I do know Hudson are known to be making a new Bonk for Wii. I think Chrono Trigger is being made at this very moment, not that we would know about it. SEnix knows full well what the fans want and they know that in the U.S it was a popular game. They say they want to improve their sales figures worldwide, that for me makes it a possibility.

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I bought it on VC. The controls are iffy at first, but you get used to them. Still, a Sin and Punishment made for the Wii (and not the N64 and then ported to a GC/Classic controller) would be great.

Sin and Punishment is better than I thought it'd be. I was afraid it wouldn't be worth the 1200 points, but it is if you like shooters.

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