Nintendo News | Level 5 Wants to Develop for Wii

By Adam Riley 28.10.2007 6

Quick News - CEO Akihiro Hino of Level 5, the team behind Professor Layton and football RPG Inazuma Eleven for DS, has confirmed that he really wants to make a Wii game. With the developer's track record, a new RPG seems the most likely bet.

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I bet one gets announced in the next few months...looking forward to it, because if anybody outside of Nintendo (and Capcom...EDIT: go on, Square Enix as well) can REALLY take advantage of Wii, it's them.

( Edited on 28.10.2007 13:30 by Mason )

Give me Dark Cloud 3 on Wii and I'll be your fan for life, Level-5. Smilie

...wait, is the Dark Cloud series owned by Sony? Smilie

Dark Cloud and Jeanne D'Arc are partially funded or at least published by Sony, so they likely are bound to PS systems, sadly. I wonder if the same is true of White Knight Story, though.

Anyway, if Level 5 pumps out something new like Inazuma Eleven for Wii then I'll be equally happy. Heck, give me Dragon Quest X and I'll be over the moon!! Smilie

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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Just because Level 5 signed a publishing agreement with Sony does not mean that their IPs are owned by Sony. Once an agreement ends a developer can sign a publishing agreement with another party and develop their existing IPs for another platform.

Anyway, I would love for Level 5 to bring True Fantasy Live Online to the Wii. Nintendo is being more flexible on the Friend Codes so it could be a possibility.

Level 5 RPG are not that good give me a JRPG any time but more game the better u never know

patjuan, yes I realise that, which is why Rare took most of its IP with it when sold to Microsoft...but I'm sure I read somewhere that, at least with Dark Cloud anyway, Sony owns the rights.

Not sure...guess we'll find out if and when Dark Cloud 3 is announced.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

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