Japan | Nintendo Golf!

By James Temperton 28.07.2003 1

Nintendo Golf!
Get a hole in one, and get a GameCube!

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour releases on September 5th in Japan, and is out today in the U.S. For the Japanese release Nintendo is scheduling a campaign called the challenge cup that will take place across the 500 golf courses nationwide in Japan. At each golf course there will be one hole setup on the course that is part of the campaign, where the objective is to get a hole in one.

This happens during August 23rd to September 23rd. A Japanese newspaper is sponsoring the event and will have the schedule for those wanting to take part, or they can check a website. People can win an "Enjoyment plus pack," which is a GCN with GB Player and four controllers. And they can win a 'sweetie box' seen below. Here at C3 we are seriously comtemplating moving ourselves over to Japan...

Image for Japan | Nintendo Golf!

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