UK Chart Highlights | Traditional Nintendo Slips; Brains Bulge, Though

By Adam Riley 07.11.2007 7

UK Chart Highlights: 3rd November, 2007
...Traditional Nintendo Slips; Brains Bulge, Though

Your weekly UK Chart Round-Up brought to you by stat-man jesusraz. Remember, the images here do not reflect actual sales!

Christmas season is upon us...

Basically everyone is readying themselves for the Christmas rush at the moment, including gaming companies that are kicking their marketing campaigns into top gear. Nintendo is just such a company and the Touch! Generations adverts have begun to flow freely once again. This time Nintendo is pushing games like Mario Party DS, Animal Crossing and nintendogs (with a glimpse of Sight Training at the end of the ad piece), as well as the Brain Training and Big Brain Academy games, which are being pushed not only by Nicole Kidman now, but also the likes of Philip Schofield, Fern Britton, Patrick Stewart and Julie Walters.

Football fever still strong, but Brain games are back on the up-and-up

Starting off with the All Prices Top 40, the new ad campaign has lifted More Brain Training up six to No.8 and Brain Training up three to No.9, whilst Cooking Mama slips just one to No.11 and shows no signs of ever disappearing! Big Brain Academy for Wii is up two to No.18, Carnival on Wii is down six to No.23, likely due to low stock more than a lack of interest, and the DS edition of Big Brain Academy returns at No.40, again thanks to the renewed TV campaign.

As for the Full Price Top 40, Konami's PES 2008 stays atop the chart once more, holding EA's FIFA 08 at No.2 again, despite falling 52% in sales (it actually still outsold FIFA 08 two-fold!). The Simpsons Game is new at No.3 across four formats, Ratatouille continues to climb in sales, now up one to No.4 and retailer bundles help Halo 3 back up three to No.5. Football Manager 2008 seems to be falling quicker than expected, now down three to No.6, but the massive TV presence of The Sims 2: Castaway catapults the game up eight to No.7, helped along by the release of the PSP edition this week. Sadly Nintendo's Phantom Hourglass slides four to No.8, whilst High School Musical sticks at No.9 and Metroid Prime 3 falls four to No.11 amidst heavy talk of stock supply issues here in the UK. The Orange Box drops fast from No.6 to No.12, Crash slips three to No.13, MySims continues to prove strong, only dipping one to No.14 and Timeshift on 360 is new at No.18.

Heavenly Sword is down five to No.21, New Super Mario Bros. climbs back up six to No.23, Hellgate: London is new at No.24 and Thrillville stutters down two to No.25 as Mario Party nudges up one to No.26. The shock of the week comes as Tony Hawk's Proving Ground only enters at No.27, although no doubt this will rise considerably in the coming weeks. Lab & Friends is back at No.31 on DS, with the Dalmatian version returning at No.32. Spyro's latest game is not yet out on all formats, which probably explains its lacklustre entry at No.35, Super Paper Mario dips three to No.36, Pok

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I find it crazy that there are shortages of Metroid 3. I think it's a fundamental slip up on Nintendo's part to have shortages of a game of this sort within the festive period.

I do have total faith that PHG will rise again just before the run up to Christmas but also think that Nintendo have dropped the ball there also in respect to advertising.

Nintendo really do have to put in some real effort into the promotion of Galaxy, MP3 and PHG this Christmas, if they are going to be sure of securing the sales they would wish.


Detecting a sub-space anomaly at bearing 134 mark 315.

Raising shields.

Sir, we are being hailed.




Less posty, more gamey.

A scary vision of things to come.

SMG needs to have lots of copies. If NSMB is anything to go by, SMG could be incredibly popular in Britain. MP3 shortages are stupid seeing as how it didn't too incredibly well in the charts anyway. Clearly NoE doubt their target audience. Hypocrites. Smilie

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Guest 08.11.2007#6

When is critical thinking training coming out?

2 Wii adverts inbetween coronation street (very popular uk tv program) last night:
Mario Football.

I suppose this is one forfamily/multi/casual, and one that's for someone who's a bit more of a commited gamer. But really the Mario football should have been for Metroid prime.

Mario galaxy will sell well for a long time because it'll be one of the standout titles for the consoles lifetime. Wouldn't be surprised if it starts to be bundled with the Wii once it starts selling less.

I think a lot of gamers seem to be missing the point about the Wii, that with the amount they're selling, and having ramped up production, economies of scale mean it must be pretty cheap to produce now for Nintendo. If the 360 and PS3 is getting too close for comfort price wise and sales wise, they could easily drop the price to

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