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By Jorge Ba-oh 29.07.2003 1

Mr Nutz
Bearing a resemblence to Conker.

Atari (Infogrames) is bringing an exclusive new title, Mr Nutz to the Gameboy Advance this September featuring a classic character, "Super Squirrel," who first appeared on the SNES back in 1992.

In the game, the world in which Mr Nutz resides has been covered in ice - not good for the squirrel population out there. Due to this, an evil Yeti is trying to use this frozen world to create a new kingdom on earth, and in a usual fasion, "Super Squirrel" comes to the rescue!

The game offers:

  • 30 large levels spanning over 7 different worlds/locations.
  • Bonus/reward agreas to play through.
  • 55 different enemies who are programmed to perform different actions depending on the situation.
  • Players can perform different moves like launching nuts, "tail flicking" and swimming.

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