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By Adam Riley 29.07.2003 1

Which Franchise's Sequel Would You Buy?
The Public Has its Say...

The Ziff Davis Media Group conducted a videogame survey for presentation at the seventh annual Ziff Davis Media Electronic Gaming Summit, held in Sonoma, California. Various different angles were looked at, such as the increasing popularity of online gaming, how videogames influence music purchases and which blockbuster movies make people want to go and buy the game of the same name. What is most interesting to read, though, is the study on which game franchise is the most popular. Respondents were asked to rank their familiarity and willingness to purchase the next game in series currently on the market. The results were as follows:

1.) Zelda (ranked 7th last year)
2.) Grand Theft Auto (2)
3.) Final Fantasy (8)
4.) Mario (1)
5.) Mortal Kombat (10)
6.) Donkey Kong (4)
7.) Resident Evil (13)
8.) Lord of the Rings (N/A)
9.) Frogger (17)
10.) Tomb Raider/Lara Croft (15/19)

Not a bad showing for Nintendo, certainly, with Zelda at No.1, Mario at No.4 and Donkey Kong at No.6. Although it is strange that titles like Metroid, Pokemon, Wario and Kirby are missing from the list, especially since Lord of the Rings and Frogger are in there!

For the full report, please Click Here!


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