News | Midway increases development.

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.07.2003 1

Midway increases development.
Improvements and refinements to come.

Midway today reported its quarter financial results and expects revenue for the upcoming year to be lower than previously forecasted due to delays of key titles from the end of this year to the opening of the next.

These four games, NBA Ballers, The Suffering, ESPionage, and Static Shock due for the Game Boy Advance have now been delayed to the beginning of 2004.

Midway also provided a statment regarding the announcement: decision to add more time and effort to several key properties in development demonstrates our heightened focus on product quality.[/img]We are keenly aware of the importance of producing top-quality games in this highly competitive industry, and we expect this increased focus will benefit not only Midway and its shareholders but also our retail partners and the larger gaming community.
David Zucker, CEO

Also provided was a set of release dates for upcoming titles for the GameCube and Gameboy Advance toward the end of this year:

Freaky Flyers
Q3 2003

Freestyle Metal X
Q3 2003

NFL Blitz Pro
Q3 2003

NHL Hitz Pro
Q3 2003

Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition
Q3 2003

Midway Arcade Treasures
Q4 2003

Q4 2003

SpyHunter 2
Q4 2003

Justice League: Chronicles
Q4 2003

Ozzie & Drix
Q4 2003

Super Duper Sumos
Q4 2003

It seems that the developing teams behind the key titles want to work into their games, provide their audience with quality entertainment, whilst disregarding a quick and early release. Midway have a reputation for releasing some excellent titles on all formats, and it seems like their coverage for Nintendo's consoles is great indeed.

More information as it breaks. Check the Release Dates page for a more accurate list.

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