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By Jorge Ba-oh 30.07.2003 1

Official Mario Golf Wallpapers
High quality images for your desktop.

With the highly anticipated release of Mario Golf in the US this week, Nintendo have released some high resolution wallpapers for you to download. Cubed3 has added these wallpapers to our download section and come in a choice of 3 images and 2 resolution sizes.

Download Instructions

Click on the required link, right click, select Save target as..., chose a destination on your computer. Browse for it using your display panel and set as your wallpaper.

Click on the required link while holding down the Apple key and save it.
Open the Control Panel from the menu and select "Appearance". Click on the Desktop tab. Drag the saved image onto the Appearance window. Click "Set Desktop".

Wallpaper 1
  • 800*600
  • 1024*768

    Wallpaper 2

  • 800*600
  • 1024*768

    Wallpaper 3

  • 800*600
  • 1024*768

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