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By James Temperton 30.07.2003 1

Mr Driller
After mysteriously disappering off release schedules last year, the classic puzzler is back at last!

Atari (formerly Infogrames in case you haven't been paying attention) have just released a batch of new shots from GBA puzzler extraordinaire, Mr Driller 2.

While the Driller series doesn't have quite the same rep as, say, Tetris or Bust-a-Move, believe us when we tell you that it's one of the most fiendishly addictive puzzle games ever.

Essentially, all you have to do is drill down through the coloured blocks, ensuring that they don't topple on top of you and that you don't run out of air on your way down. And that's it. Yet, like other classics of the genre, it's the game's simplicity that means it's nigh on impossible to put down.

The game was originally due to be released in the UK by Infogrames around a year ago but mysteriously disappeared from their release schedule, so it's a pleasant surprise to see it on the horizon again. It's now due to hit shelves in August.


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