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By Jorge Ba-oh 31.07.2003 1

Cubed3 500 Members
A small step for a larger target.

Cubed3 recently met the 500 member mark and the manger of the site [me] provided a statement on his views of the acomplishment:

"2 months back, we brought you news about Cubed3 receiving a bucket load of members... and it didn't end there, oh no... we've now landed on the big 500 landmark --> for a site being alive for 7 months, it's pretty damn excellent.

I won't say much, but I'd personally like to thank everyone who joined during the last 6/7 months of C3 activity, those who have contributed to the site as staff or volunteers, those who have been regulars on the site and others who have enjoyed their time here.

The site couldn't have gone without the help of our first host, Micheal "MikkyX" Price of and then the help of our hind new host who is now paid for and so the site is effectively more stable. Thanks to those who voiced their views on the site in the most critical way so there was lots of room for improvement in many different areas of Cubed3 and we've taken those kind views on board.

The site has come along way, and if it wasn't for the contribution from everyone - members, guests, staff, the press - contacts and others I may have missed, then the site wouldn't have got so far in so little time.

I hope this is just a small step to reach the top - in terms of content and design, I feel we've come a long way and have broken the news out far more effectively that other, shall we say, bigger sites. From here on in, it's a rush to reach the next target - 1000 members.

I'm glad to see many new users here being very active and providing different views on gaming and other topics. Also, it's great to see so many regulars coming online and generally enjoying themselves. Sure, there have been a few arguments during our time here, but they pass and the site grows stronger as foundations mend and people begin to know each other.

Cubed3 shall grow with time, and we shall continue to provide the service, as long as you enjoy what's here. Cubed3 is essentially your site, and I never expected this sudden "boom" in content and members respectively.

I hope the site stays alive for several more years to come and this is a great step in many to come.

Thanks to everyone who has been here during the last 7/8 months, and a very big welcome to those joining Cubed3 if you read this message.

Many thanks,
Admin |

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