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C3 Exclusive Interview | Dawn of Heroes on Wii, Not Just Nintendo DS?

Dawn of Heroes Coming to Wii, Not Just DS?
Interview by Adam Riley :: Wednesday 12th December, 2007

Wicked Studios is well-known for its work on Keepsake for the PC, but the company is currently hard at work on a brand new Nintendo DS project called 'Dawn of Heroes'. Cubed3 caught up with the Company's President to discuss the game and future plans, including the potential for a DS sequel and Wii version. As an added bonus, Wicked Studios has provided two new pieces of art, two new screens and the game's official logo, all of which are featured in this article!

Dawn of Heroes - exclusively on Nintendo DSCubed3's Adam Riley: First of all, can you please tell our readers how large the Dawn of Heroes team is?

Yves Borderleau, President of Wicked Studios: The core team working on Dawn of Heroes is always hovering around 6-10 people. We try to keep the team small and very efficient. Some might say it is a little lean, but I always say back "Yep! Lean, but all MUSCLE" *smiles*

AR: When did you start development on Dawn of Heroes, and how far are you from completion?

YB: We started working on our custom 3D engine a year ago and we began creating the assets around the beginning of 2007. The game is bound to be completed by mid 2008.

AR: For your first DS project, Dawn of Heroes is definitely a very ambitious game. How has developing for the DS been so far

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never play it ^^ we see how it come out

This has all the hallmarks of a 'must own' game for me. One to bookmark.

Temporarily banned until further notice.
Senior ModeratorStaff Member

Really looking forward to this one. Smilie Love the genre, so hopefully they get it right!

C3 Moderator
Senior ModeratorStaff Member

It sure does look like a very impressive project indeed and it's great to hear that it's not just a one-off as well, with plans already in motion to bring out more Dawn of Heroes titles!

The graphics shown already are fantastic for a non-Square Enix 3rd Party!!

Adam Riley < Operations Director :: Senior Editor :: Cubed3 Limited >
Word of Adam | Voice123 Profile | AdamC3 on Twitter

I'll probably get this; it looks good.

Enoch Powell was right, and you know it.
Senior ModeratorStaff Member

You have to hope a publisher has snapped this up by now and is willing to give it a strong push.

I'd hazard a guess at someone like Majesco getting behind a game such as this...we shall see!

Adam Riley < Operations Director :: Senior Editor :: Cubed3 Limited >
Word of Adam | Voice123 Profile | AdamC3 on Twitter

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