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By Jorge Ba-oh 31.07.2003 1

Spider-Man 2
Webslinger returns

Activision have been keeping the next title in their series of Spiderman action/adventure games a mere secret. No game details have been leaked, only a few mediocre screenshots that seem to have not progressed from previous encounters with the illustrious hero.

I seems that this title hasn't been in development, judging by the screens, for much time now. The character models, which include the pedestrians and villains on the ground, seem to have been toned down - not realistic as such, but still convincing. Spiderman, however, seems to have been remade from the previous game and the edges of his costume appear rough, and although detailed, the textures don't appear right somehow and are on par with some of the older games in the series.

However, from these screens, it seems likely that there will be more action on the ground as well as on the rooftops - contrary to other Spiderman games, which makes a welcome change.

Without any details from Activision regarding the game, there isn't much to go by; nevertheless the game will hopefully live up to the classic versions on previous consoles.

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