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By Jorge Ba-oh 13.12.2007 9

Today's update on the Official Smash Bros. Dojo reveals the Mario Kart themed level, complete with hazardous Shy Guys!

The Mario Circuit stage appears! Of course, we HAVE shown it briefly in past movies...

This popular series makes an impressive debut.

It's a so-called figure-eight course, and you do battle at the crossing of the 8.

There are even grandstands in places you can't see!

It hurts when the karts racing around the track hit you. They come in from the side and from the back of the screen, so be careful.

When they come from the front, look out below.

When they come from the side, look out above.

The karts are serious about their race. You can get a general idea of their location on the screen in the back, so pay attention to it.

You can actually make them wipe out, too.

Be sure to stick with C3 for updates...

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SO awesome! If I get round to buying a Wii I'll definately buy this at some point.

It looks a bit like the F-Zero stage.

That looks great, it's sure to make many happy. I wonder if you can take out those Karts and damage other players in the process or if it's just collisions that cause damage.

It would be wrong to assume the Wii game Mario Circuit will look like this.

( Edited on 13.12.2007 13:51 by Linkyshinks )

That looks awsome I'm guessing its a replacement for F-Zero Race....?!?!

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Well, there were 2 F-Zero Stages in Melee, so I think we could see moe like this, with more action like Mute City or Big Blue.

Also, remember we all thought DK's stage was a replacement for Icicle Mountain, but they (Ice Climbers) still made it, so I reckon everyone should stop worrying about our fair Captain. Smilie

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this is an awesome stage, and its based off the first track on Mario Kart DS! Smilie

Smells like cheese said:
SO awesome! If I get round to buying a Wii Ill definately buy this at some point.It looks a bit like the F-Zero stage.

Yeah, it does look a bit like the F-zero stage, which makes me wonder when there gonna announce captain falcon.

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I want the karters to use weapons. Imagine it, a blue homing shell on the fighter in the lead, and they could drop those banana skins we've already seen as well.Smilie

( Edited on 13.12.2007 19:24 by PhoenixuS )

Wow... I actually posted something like "we need a mario kart level in the game" last week.
I'm going to look for that post.

This actually makes me feel like playing Mario Kart DS again... a Nice looking level.

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