Japanese Hardware Charts | GC Doing Well!

By Adam Riley 31.07.2003 1

Japanese Hardware Charts...
...GC & GBA do the Business for Nintendo!

System | This Week's Sales | Total Year Sales

PlayStation 2 - 43,800 (1,740,000)
GameBoy Advance SP - 35,600 (1,350,000)
GameCube - 13,200 (372,600)
GameBoy Advance - 11,300 (959,900)
PSOne - 950 (49,600)
XBOX- 880 (68,900)
WonderSwan Crystal- 560 (26,800)

After a slight boost over the previous couple of weeks, Microsoft's XBOX has reverted to its now usual position of just below the ailing PSOne and marginally ahead of the failed WonderSwan Crystal. With only 880 sale units in the past week, the recently announced new approach to marketing in Japan by the huge US conglomerate will certainly have to be something special to have any effect! As for Nintendo, things are definitely on the up, as the original GameBoy Advance increased its sales to just over 11,000, the GameCube maintained its healthy 13,000+ total and the GBA: SP continues to nip at the PS2's heels, with nearly 36,000 units being sold last week.


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