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By James Temperton 31.07.2003 1

Japanese giant heads west!Sub header

Konami gave a yearly report today saying it will build on existing content like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Metal Gear Solid, and sports games that were popular in 2003 and acquire new content to enlarge their pool of game titles. One of the new kind of content includes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which Konami says will release in 2004 (in Japan).

They are going for a large slice of the pie in Japan's game market, but as growth slows there they will gear a greater number of titles to overseas, especially North America and Europe. Konami's library of titles will have more games created mainly for gamers outside of Japan. They say online games are another target. Let's hope this means they will start bringing games like Winning Eleven 6 for GameCube outside of Japan.

More on this oh so very soon...

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