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By Jorge Ba-oh 28.12.2007 14

The second of a two updates on the Official Smash Bros. Dojo reveals the ability to collect pieces to build a legendary creature: Dragoon.

It is said that if you collect all three parts, you will complete the legendary Air Ride machine...

It's broken into three parts:
Dragoon Part A, the nosecone...
Dragoon Part B, the hull...
and Dragoon Part C, the tail.

Of course, given the amount of preparation required, it boasts tremendous firepower! If it strikes you, consider it a one-hit KO.

The battle for this item is hot.

Hit an opponent who has one of the Dragoon parts to make him drop it like a fumble. You also drop the parts when you lose a life. If you want to get a part in hand, then beat on your opponent!

The same can be said for Smash Balls

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Awesome update. Dragoon is ausum x3

Where is the Dragoon from? Kirby's Air Ride?


Maybe they'll add Hydra... It could be somewhat like Wario's Chopper!

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Sounds like a cool item.

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That looks cool, I was wondering Dragoon from what game when reading the title.

Fantastic update.

mOojc said:
Where is the Dragoon from? Kirbys Air Ride?

I tought it was from beyblade?

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WTF? Why would there be a beyblade item on a Nintendo game?

Dragoon is actually a pretty commonly used name. For a while I thought it was a Final Fantasy themed Assist Trophy Smilie

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A dragoon isn't a legendary creature.

yay straight from kirby air ride comes death on wings... the dragoon!!!

A Dragoon actually refers to these mounted soldiers that carried pistols called Dragons.

iCAME said:
A Dragoon actually refers to these mounted soldiers that carried pistols called Dragons.
you bore me...Smilie

Yeah I bet you are more interesting when you talk about pokemon.

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