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Nintendo Wii Media | New House of the Dead 2&3 Trailer

Due out on 18th March over in the US for a budget price of $29.99, Sega has released a new trailer for The House of the Dead 2&3 Return on Wii. Check it out below for some crazy action:

The game is also set to be released in Japan in March as a special bundle with the Wii Zapper, just like Sega did with Ghost Squad there and Capcom did with Umbrella Chronicles.

Stick around for further updates...

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07.01.2008 11:58



Box art for The House Of The Dead 2&3 Return





First Person Shooter



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Reader comments - add yours today Comments on this Article

I played this game on the arcade and I really had a lot of fun because you don't only shoot but you get to shake your gun to reload and to shake of zombies. Hope this turns out good for the Wii.

i love playing video games and listening to cool music

Yuk, even at that price for me. Buying crap encourages more crap so I won't be buying this, ive already played it severely in the arcades anyway. The one redeeming quality is that it's faster paced than UC.

SEGA low quality crap, they wont be around long if they keep this up, apparently they are severely in the red reporting huge losses. Their only success has been Mario and Sonic this past year and I doubt NiGHTS will give them the profit they need.

Namco Point Blank is what I want on Wii.

( Edited on 07.01.2008 13:34 by Linkyshinks )

Wants nao. Regardless of me playing it to death, I will get it and play it until the corpse disintegrates.

And LS - Point Blank is what we need on Wii.

Senior ModeratorStaff Member

Agree with all three comments:

No to this crap Smilie
Yes to Point Blank!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I do not know how good graphics look, but it was fun on arcade - HoD2 that is. I do not need it, but it seems faced paced and may be good. There are some crappy railshooter out there for Wii. Is Umbrella Chronicles any good?

I find your lack of faith disturbing!
Staff Member

Loved THotD2 on Dreamcast, looking forward to this.Smilie
And I add my view that Wii should get Point Blank, also.

This game was great.. i wont be buying it though.. (savin my money for other games.) also it seems to be an EXACT port from the arcade.

Where's Sonic Wii 2 Sega? Smilie

I take it the UK will have to pay

Senior ModeratorCubed3 Member

i suppose its good, you can still play it with friends, its good becuase if you die, you dont pay for it again, ive spent about

Not too sure about this one. I would like to see a Time Crisis Wii Smilie

Well if I had the spare cash, I would get this. Saves me money from playing it at the arcade. Smilie

Maybe the Wii can inject some family fun into HOTD2, but i thought it was pretty crappy on the dreamcast, even using the lightgun.

I've already got House of the Dead 2 on the Dreamcast and played it to death, but I've not played through the 3rd one except a bit of the first level in arcades... Might get this at some point.

Point Blank would indeed be awesome

Still a proud member of the 'omfg amazing water in games' society

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