Initial Smash Bros. Brawl Tunes Revealed

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.01.2008 13

Nintendo has revealed the initial line-up of tunes to entice your listening buds.

In Brawl there are many ways to add music to your collection, from picking up CDs to unlocking secret songs. However, the number of tracks you can access from the first time you boot up is also quite impressive!

Therefore, I thought I'd go ahead and post a list of songs available from day one.

Players can select classic Zelda tunes, such as the epic Dark World or the much loved overworld theme from Ocarina of Time. Donkey Kong fans are in for a treat with classic arrangements from Donkey Kong Country, along with more recent Wii/GameCube arrangements.

Be sure to check out the complete list, here, but be warned of possible spoilers.

Box art for Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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Dark World again, woop! SOLD SmilieTis a fantastic line-up! Same there no more music samples.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Gotta love the music line-up. Great stuff.

hmmm do to the fact it goes by stages, thats why we saw no Sonic Tunes...Hopefully we will see "Live and Learn" from the trailer of Sonic's announcement. and personally, i want to see "City Escape" in there too. just for kicks. Smilie. i wonder when thier gonna reveal Green Hill Zone as Sonic's stage? thats an obvious choice for a Sonic stage.Smilie

A fail so epic, it may just be a win.

What an incredible music line up... it made me squee! Smilie Then there are the stages yet to unlock... and more music to unlock too!

It lacks Majora's Mask music. Stone Tower FTW.

But ZOMG! Smilie Star Wolf music is in! Smilie

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Encounter - Metal Gear Solid


hmmmm wonder if we are gonna get the original DK rap from teh 64 game...

A fail so epic, it may just be a win.

Excellent starter tracks there, and even more to come with could anyone not be looking forward to this? Smilie

God, I'm gonna HAVE to get the OST for Brawl...SOOO many awesome tracks...

Waluigi Pinball! Smilie

It's actually painful reading these updates now... this game is too good and waiting for the European release date is going to be awful.

Yeah I just saw it earlier on DOJO... it looks spiggin awsome and there are some songs back from Melee!! Smilie

I see all these people insulting the Nintendo corporation because of the lack of mature content. Yet there is something about Nintendo (at least their games) that strikes a certain unadulterated feeling of joy!!!  Pokemon Y - 1048-9263-5562

Wiill said:
Its actually painful reading these updates now... this game is too good and waiting for the European release date is going to be awful.
Heh, it won't be that bad, I'm starting to think an April/May release might not be unlikely Smilie only a month or so after US Smilie

I've gotten over it anyway, compared to how long we'll be enjoying it for, the wait is a minor inconveniance Smilie

( Edited on 29.01.2008 20:01 by SuperLink )

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Wish I could have your mentality...The wait is killing me inside.Smilie

A fail so epic, it may just be a win.

The music in brawl is all so awesome, there is also a large range from the third party companies so it adds to the music collection.

this year omg for games

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