Wii Loses Civilisation, Nintendo DS Edition Still On Track

By Adam Riley 29.01.2008 7

One of the more interesting projects for Wii in 2008 was Firaxis' version of the eagerly anticipated simulation game 'Civilisation Revolution'. However, just like Space Station Tycoon, the game has now been put on hold, unfortunately. 2K Games has today revealed that the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS versions are still set for release in Spring 2008, though. Rather than delay the Wii edition, though, the spokesperson has said the game is on hold indefinitely, mentioning how the developer, Firaxis, wished to put all of its strenuous efforts into working on the 'next generation' iterations.

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Yet Will Wright said the only next gen was the Wii. shows how much developers differ on opinion.

A fail so epic, it may just be a win.

They can the console with biggest current share plus one with a unique input system. Clever? Nope.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

jb said:
They can the console with biggest current share plus one with a unique input system. Clever? Nope.

True, but of course they would basically have to make a new game for the Wii version, whereas the PS3 and 360 versions are probably almost identical.

@Smells like cheese,

You are wrong. Civilization is a PC game that uses the mouse and keyboard. This would have to be changed for the PS3 and Xbox 360 to accommodate the use of game pads. Therefore the game itself is going to have to be fundamentally changed. The Wii-mote functions just like a mouse so the game would not have to be changed. It could be played exactly as its PC counterpart.

My guess is that these guys did not really intend to make a Wii version of this game. Wow, I wonder why so many developers are afraid of making money.

Civ isnt a game about graphics or processing power.

If it is, they have seriously messed up the game.

The core of the game should be portable to almost anything, with the graphics only being a pretty skin over the top.

I highly, highly dought the AI is going to be too advanced or too fast for the Wii.
Its much more likely they have badly inefficiant code, or they have concentrated too much on art assets they dont want to scale back.

Either way, they are losing out on customers.
Its not like the Wii has plenty of stratergy games to choose from is it?

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I am pretty pissed off at this. The Wii version was already going to be delayed, and now they're halting it altogether? The reasoning doesn't make sense. Supposedly they don't have the man power to work on it.

No offense, but why not stop the DS version, or better yet, the PS3 version instead? The DS version is identical to the 360/PS3 one (with DS visuals), so it's not a matter of graphics.

The console with the biggest user base and one of the biggest tie-in ratios is the one that they cancel? That is plain stupid.

it's just the same excuse we get all the time from different developers im so sick of it at this stage hopefully someone will bring out a good stratergy game and fast

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