Yet more Tales Wii screens

By James Temperton 31.01.2008 8

It looks gorgeous, we want it very much and you should too. To find out loads more information about this potentially brilliant title, take a look at our full preview. If you don't like words, let the pictures do the talking and enjoy eighteen new screens.

Box art for Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Namco Tales


Namco Bandai


Real Time RPG



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That does look pretty spiggin awsome!! Still haven't played the first one! Smilie

I see all these people insulting the Nintendo corporation because of the lack of mature content. Yet there is something about Nintendo (at least their games) that strikes a certain unadulterated feeling of joy!!!  Pokemon Y - 1048-9263-5562

awesome, looks good still

Great looking game! Smilie

Fab, looking pretty sharp - will probably look better in motion. Still though, not a huge step up..

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

I don't know...for some reason it just looks off to me. Maybe it'll all change when I see it in motion in front of me but something's weird about it.

The screens are nice and all but need to see it in motion. Definitely an improvement but not by a significant margin.

Looking forward to this, shame it will be a long while yet.

I loved the one on gamecube, hope this is going to be much better. Smilie

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