Smash Bros Brawl dated for Europe?

By James Temperton 31.01.2008 32

The watchful eyes over at CVG noticed that (for a very short while) Nintendo's UK website listed the release date of Super Smash Bros. Brawl as June 1st, 2008. Whilst the gamepage for the tile still stated 2008, elsewhere on the site the game was listed for that specific date.

Nintendo UK are yet to comment, but they'll probably say they don't comment on rumour and speculation or something similar. There we go, saved them the trouble. Expect them to announce a date through the normal means of a press release soon enough.

Muchos gracias to ten2two for the tip.

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June is a long way away, but it would be OK for me.
My birthday is in June, so I'd be sure to get it as a present and not have to worry about sorting it out myself.

Mine should be coming anytime now.

Nintendo don't have enough production lines...thats the only problem...

Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

Nintendo: OK, halt all production on SSBB for now, we have to make more copies of Wii Chess and Wii Fit! MOAR IMPOARTANTT!!!

Employee: ... Maybe I should quit and go work for Microsoft?

That said, if it was in June, that's basically when all my exams finish. Although it's very late, it would be pretty helpful for me, since April/May is prime coursework/revision time. Smilie

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What a shit date, I've got exams all through June. Nintendo of europe piss me off.Smilie

L said:
What a shit date, I've got exams all through June. Nintendo of europe piss me off.Smilie

Don't worry, LS found sommet and posted it in another Smash Bros thread *fetches*

Linkyshinks said:

GS Article-

Yesterday, the internet was awash with fevered speculation after a date for Super Smash Bros. Brawl appeared on the official Nintendo UK Web site.

The listing, which has since been changed to 2008, gave the game a release date in the UK of June 1, 2008. SSBB, which was released in Japan today, and is due in the US on March 9, wasn't given a European release window in Nintendo's latest schedule.

When GameSpot called the Nintendo press office, they told us that the date was, alas, an error. A spokesperson said, "It appears to be the standard placeholder as it always falls to the middle of the year--June 1 is the central date. Also, we never release games on a Sunday."

Nintendo re-iterated that the highly anticipated SSBB doesn't have a date for Europe yet.

I am glad, I really hope it come sooner than that date.

Smilie the date is a lie!

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That's a reliefSmilie, I hope it either comes out in March, April or July cus May and June are exam periods.

Won't be April, it'll be the start of Q2 at the earliest, since NoE already confirmed the Q1 release list, and Brawl wasn't there ^^;

I wouldn't mind June, since the first Friday of June is actually the Friday after all my exams are over. Smilie Still I have to take others' exam periods into consideration too Smilie

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