C3 Exclusive Interview | Itagaki-san on Ninja Gaiden, a Nintendo DS Sequel, Possible Wii Version & More

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.01.2008 11

Itagaki-san on Ninja Gaiden, a Nintendo DS Sequel, Possible Wii Version & More
Interview by Adam Riley :: Thursday 31st January 2008

Ninja Gaiden originated on the NES, bringing the exploits of Ryu Hayabusa to the world in a thrilling trilogy of adventures. The series was propelled into the limelight once more in 2004 when Tomonobu Itagaki and Team Ninja resurrected the series for Xbox. But now all eyes are on the series' d

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Sweet! Nice interview Adam, what a nice chap Smilie

( Edited 15.12.2012 20:50 by Guest )

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

Cool interview. I don't think I'd like to interview him. He just seems intimidating...for some strange reason.

( Edited 15.12.2012 20:50 by Guest )

It's the shades. He seriously avoided part of your second question.

( Edited 15.12.2012 20:50 by Guest )

Great interview Adam, thanks. As a huge fan of the series since the NES game it would have been nice to have been able to submit a question that you could have asked him.

The game looks fantastic, I posted a preview up on the DS board and it looks to easily be the best DS game so far. A serious no nonsense game for the DS. I am getting the Japanese version in March no doubt.

tiamat1990 said:
Cool interview. I don't think I'd like to interview him. He just seems intimidating...for some strange reason.

I you were a woman you would have good reason to be scared Smilie

He's cool, not your typical developers guy. I have seen him clearly drunk on interviews in the past and even once saw him make a really sexual comment to a female interviewer that shocked me.

Where in that interview did he mention a possible Wii version of ninja gaiden?

Last question...while he doesn't confirm he would make one, he said he would think about the possibilities.

Great interview Adam!

Nice interview Adam! I'm looking forward to Ninja Gaiden for DS. Never played the series before, so I'll keep my eye on it. I played the demo at a shop the other day and it was good fun. Dunno about "best game on DS" though Linkyshinks. Smilie

Thanks guys - another 'big' interview after the recent one with the Tales Studio for Tales of Innocence Smilie

Sadly he skipped a few questions, like ones about Ryu being a character in Smash Bros.

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

AR: Whilst there have been over 20 million DS units sold in Japan, the general audience appears to buy mainly training games or RPGs. Are you apprehensive at all about how this high-speed action game will be received? And what has the feedback been like for Dragon Sword in Japan so far?

Itagaki-san: To be honest Iím not really that concerned about it. In my experience, Iíve found that those who worry about the denominator are usually those who have a very small numerator to begin with.

This man's wise. And he also must make a Wii Ninja Gaiden. He just has to.

This game will sell well since everybody wants to be a ninja! jk =.=|||

Anyways,I see the chances of it on the Wii as it might act as another version of Red Steel. Since there hasn't been something like that recently, the likelihood is quite ... wut's the word?... (word meaning high)

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