Cubed3 Relaunch. Now with more Mushrooms!

By Jorge Ba-oh 31.01.2008 112

A big welcome to the new C3 with a brand-new look! Months in the running, we've finally taken the shackles off the beast and released it into the wild world of the Mushroom Kingdom... or something along those lines! Alongside our slightly darker skin, the site has undertaken an overhaul in various areas: in particular with how you guys can interact with the website and likeminded members.

The main focus behind the design is to try and simplify the experience, and bring out features that were perhaps hidden away in Bowser's castle. Console pages, which previously acted as a directory search, have been glossed over with recent forum discussions, top games, content and genre searches to try and bring much more meat to your Nintendo-exploring. Much of the site's backend has been rewritten to solve existing problems, and improve the site's efficiency and stability in the long run. C3's main sections can be explored through the top-level navigation, with featured and recent content permanently housed on the right-hand side of the page. However, as people visit for different reasons you can now select what menu items are shown on your navigation by clicking on the ickle title-bars on each.

The forum experience has seen revisions, with no-refresh posting, star-giving and editing aiming to speed up discussion and make posting more comfortable and easier to use. Be sure to look through the various parts of the site for more enhancements/revisions!

In terms of content, the launch of the latest C3 brings back some older features with the podcast set to ignite your listening buds in the near future, gaming factory turning the cogs of creative "if-only" gaming design and the possibility for the much loved Hound to reawaken from his slumber. In the coming months we'll be bringing you much more features and personal content through staff blogs and more industry ramblings/analysis.

A thanks to: JQuery for providing the core Javascript effects/functions, FamFamFam for the brilliant icon-set and LastRSS for feed parsing. Thanks to the Cubed3 staff for putting up with the numerous delays for the launch and for whipping up some launch goodies for the upcoming week and beyond.

With any new version there's likely to be multiple bugs and overlooked problems Apologies in advance! Please mail jb[at] with any issues you've encountered so we can whip out the old Fudd for a clean up!

Many thanks for supporting Cubed3 over the years, we hope that we're up there somewhere in your bookmarks ready for Nintendo news, analysis and most importantly: fun!

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Brilliant, looks absolutely gorgeous. Great work to JB and co!

It looks epic but I was experiencing sum trouble when I tried to view it on the PS3 internet. I always check and post on CUbed3 on my ps3 and was wondering if there was nyway of sorting it out. It leaves a massive blank and then the posts are in a messed up order. Ty

My pictures wont appear so heres a smiley

Holy shit this looks soooooo fucking stunning! I swear I don't think I've ever been impressed by a website before. It is so god damn gorgeous! Whoever contributed to this. GOOD FUCKING JOB!

EDIT: Just wanted to tell you. Your RSS feed doesn't seem to be working.

( Edited 02.03.2008 08:02 by tiamat1990 )

impressive, a shock when i woke up this morning to this.
great work C3

Very nice! I didn't like how it looked at first, but now that I've been around it a bit, I like.Smilie

One complaint though, no page skip thing at the bottom of the page, and the post preview thing seems really slow, might just be me. Awesome overall.

Proud United State-ian

He's not dead, he's electroencephalographically challenged.

I about p*ssed myself when I loaded the site up! Excellent work guys! The site looks Amazing!

Starting page looks awesome. News themselves are a bit turbulent in their appearence in terms of typeface.
It's something of a setback to have the comment field to reply to news at the bottom. Please consider putting it below the news above the comments.

aside from that it's great to include the side-header of the commentators in the comments themselves. Great, great work, guys!

One thing: please add your own favicon again. You still got an orange H there.
The bottom line with all the things related to C3 is great! What CMS do you use?

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

Love It! im very impressed. Respect. 1

Absolutely fantastic JB! I LOVE IT! Smilie

Tom Barry [ Reviewer - Editor - Resident Sim-Racer @ ]
RufDog Racing: Team Cubed3 | Current C3 Sim-Spotlight Feature | Follow RDR on Twitter |     

Awesome. Just awesome, only regret I won't have more time to look around before I have to go to college D:

Excellent job Smilie

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Looks so awesome Jorge,you've out done yourself once again.


Wow, this was a pleasant suprise! Looks fantastic! Smilie

Very slick and very nice, Was a bit of shock, but very lovely.

E: I absolutely love how everything just seems to glide about everywhere, like a madman on ice skates. I could play around with the buttons all day!

E2: The features in the recently added box show the same as reviews and there's a character problem in the new screens bit.

E3: It's online, not onling (see Wi-Fi section). You've also got Karns profile as Suzie's's's's's's''s.

( Edited 02.03.2008 09:38 by RyanT )

It does looks cool, I just don't like the logo text.

( Edited 02.03.2008 11:02 by Linkyshinks )

This is cool, SHOW ME HOW TO MAKE SITES LIKE THIS!!. Sorry im done now, and by the way your PM thing in the forums is buggered

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Once again, nice job there looks awesome!

My pictures wont appear so heres a smiley

Oh its Soooo Beautiful. well done JBSmilieSmilieSmilie

MKWii FC 4081-5636-6351 <<-- add me SSBB FC 2707-3062-7319 <<-- add me

would be awesome if not for the animation on the front page. Its very distracting =(

Just incredible J, a massive well done to you for designing it! it looks awesome! *faints*

Not keen on the Photoshop effect on that Mario image at the top though, sorry. Other than that though, it's just stunning. Smilie

Edit: I've noticed a small problem. When you go to write a blog, it comes up "Meeting Goichi Suda" in the subject bit.

( Edited 02.03.2008 10:52 by Marzy )

Great stuff. Looks very slick, front page just seems a bit packed. The news should surely be the focus, but it has to share with latest reviews and previews even though they are in the small box top left.

( Edited 02.03.2008 10:55 by HazukiSan )

Much like everyone else I have to say well done on a fantastic job. The site looks much cleaner and far less cluttered, I especially liked the animation on the front page and how the forum links at the left hand side have been revised.

Brilliant work, you should be selling talent like this JB you'd be loaded!! Seriously.

I like the layout but I'm not loving the colours as much as the old design. I personally don't think the white text on the bright blue works too well. Still great =D And of course, AJAX ftw.

The sites looking great, it's different but at the same time has a familiar feel.

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Love the new look. The site feels quicker too. Great work!Smilie

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