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By Mike Mason 02.02.2008 9

Hori Wii Fighting Stick Review
(Licensed by Nintendo)

Linkyshinks :: 2nd February, 2008

Hori have a strong reputation for making some of the best peripherals around in the video gaming world. Of particular note are their fighting sticks, fashioned after traditional beat 'em up arcade hardware. With Wii proving so popular it was only a matter of time before Hori got around to building one especially for it, despite the lack of fighters outside of Virtual Console offerings and the forthcoming-in-Europe Guilty Gear Accent Core - but how does it hold up? Guest writer Linkyshinks takes a look...

The build quality is wonderful, every aspect has a feel of quality all over it. I am aware Hori make other such sticks for other consoles such as the 360 and PS3, and while those are equally good this one wins out in terms of aesthetics, it looks nice and minimal and is easy on the eyes, unlike the others.

The buttons are arcade machine buttons plain and simple, they are as click-able and as sturdy as you would want them to be. The joystick itself feels strong and great to use with a rotating ball which is perfect for firing fireballs in fighting games. All six buttons support Turbo Mode which can be selected independently for each button (20 clicks a second). The joystick plugs into the Wii Remote extension port in the same way the nunchuk would. The cord itself is of a perfect length that is not too short and not too long.

The housing on top is made from strong durable plastic and the panel that has the buttons and joystick on is glossy smooth and very comfortable to use even for long periods of time. The underside has a strong steel metal panel. The device is also well enclosed so minor spills are not likely to cause ruin to the device.

This controller is compatible with all Wii games that use the Classic Controller, that also includes the long back catalogue of games that is available on the Virtual Console. I myself have been using the stick to play Street Fighter 2s/Turbo and a load of classic shoot-em ups, and the joystick feels great with all.

There are now many classic Neo Geo fighting games that are due this coming year on the Virtual Console, games like Samurai Showdown (must buy), Mark of the Wolves (must buy) and Fatal Fury Final Bout. These games are bound to play like a dream using this joystick. The Neo Geo, of course, also used a primary joystick of this kind on its main controller, therefore any Neo Geo games are destined to control as well as they ever did using this.

I can happily give this joystick top marks. I am only deducting 1 mark because it does not house the Wii Remote that it must use for power and Bluetooth connectivity, but then perhaps it could not due to technical reasons. Other than that, which is such a minor thing given the quality elsewhere, I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to take advantage of using a joystick in fighting and shooting games both on the Wii itself and the Virtual Console.

Final Score: 9/10

An excellent Hori product that is understandably licensed by Nintendo.

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Thanks very much for the review Linkyshinks, I've had my eye on this thing for a while. I'll definitely be picking one up when Guilty Gear Accent Core comes out over here soon, and no doubt I'll be loading up on Virtual Console fighters soon thereafter with this.

Nice work! Smilie

I was thinking of getting some of these for the biz. Will definately get some with next order now. Cheers, LS.

No Longer Temporarily Banned.

If I get it it'll be the ultimate controller for the VC 2D fighting games. Freakin' Arcade Mode Wii Smilie.

Udkedae Everywhere! | PSN: Udkedae

Sounds great! Too bad there's nothing out there yet that will make the most of this.

It'll be great for all those Neo Geo games. Smilie
I hadn't really thought of buying anything like this, but it looks good.

Guest writer Linkyshinks tests out Hori's officially-licensed Wii Fighting Stick for us.

Wohooo! Go, LS! Great article!

Hey, I would pick this up right away, but i read something about another arcade stick coming up. A Fighting stick made in black and looking like the good old Neo Geo Stick. I am now unsure which one to get. Does anyone knows something about this black thing I talk about? Should I get this one instead? The other one isn't out, yet, but I have all the time in the world. Like James Bond had!

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

they look cool, where can you pick these up BTW? And those neo-geo games are expensive, so this could just be a super mario world controller for me, unless i buy a neo-geo game

Visit my Wii-Optimized Site

Amazon UK £29.99 February 22nd

Laurelin, it's going to come down to personal taste I suppose. When the Neo Geo Stick 2 does arrive it will likely cost a similar price.

Neo Geo Stick 2 comes to Wii-

( Edited 04.02.2008 13:37 by Linkyshinks )

great looking new toy for me to breakSmilie

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