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Capcom Talks Okami For Wii

Capcom's senior director of strategy, Christian Svensson, recently posted a few details on the upcoming Okami port for Wii.

His posts on the Official Capcom forums reveal some interesting details on the Wii build.

  • Paintbrush learning curve takes "10 minutes" with the Wii Remote.
  • Precision with the Wii remote isn't too important with gameplay centered around quick strokes and wrist waggles.
  • No new content, but still aiming for 40-60 hours of gameplay.
  • Ability to skip dialogue sections
  • Wii version is complete and currently going through testing and finalising.
  • "Appropriate sized marketing", but no TV advertising to promote the release.
  • Short delay between European and US releases.
  • "...all of you Wii fanatics better have Okami pre-ordered by now because that's the next test (and it's waaay better with Wii controls, than it was on PS2... it's very different, in a good way)."
  • Estimated release: March 2008.
  • Capcom is to reveal more details and media for Okami Wii in the near future.

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    11.02.2008 02:26



    Box art for Okami








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    Reader comments - add yours today Comments on this Article

    I will get it, I don't want it on ps2 since its packed away, and I don't like a million consoles plugged in at once.

    How is it better if there's no new content?

    Conduit FC: 0431-6660-0908

    this better have upgraded graphix, if not, this better be at $30.00, just like RE4.

    Im guessing this won't be RRP of £40....

    I see all these people insulting the Nintendo corporation because of the lack of mature content. Yet there is something about Nintendo (at least their games) that strikes a certain unadulterated feeling of joy!!!  Pokemon Y - 1048-9263-5562

    How long is this "short delay"?

    no TV advertising to promote the release

    Smilie slip up one

    so the game done so when we geting it?

    You could be right Jump, it's a bad idea, you would think they actually want to make money!

    Anyway, I am still getting this, I wanted this game on Wii and I will be very glad to get it. It is without doubt one of my most favourite games. It has a real spirit about it that I love.

    Regarding the adverts much more people know about this especially the hardcore crowd and I've show the ps2 version to so many people and they want it now. So let us be the adverts.

    Staff Member

    This should sell better than the PS2 version, even without a strong advertisement campaign. I know I'll be buying it. Smilie

    No, we didn't add anything new. No, we aren't going to run TV ads. SO YOU BETTER BUY IT!!

    That's what he said, right?

    Some of these statements are absolute bullsh*t and shows what kind of support and faith capcom apparently has in Nintendo and their new (world phenomenon) home console. Such as:

    "No new content, but still aiming for 40-60 hours of gameplay."

    What the hell do the mean by "aiming" for 40-60 hours if there's no new content (which is utter BS they're doing this to Wii fanatics, what about the "GC exlcusive" RE4 PS2 fiasco)?

    ""Appropriate sized marketing", but no TV advertising to promote the release."

    More show of faith in the one system that's destroying the competition in every frick'n territory.Smilie Smilie What the hell is their logic behind this? And to top it all off, the Wii version is NOT having any graphical upgrades whatsoever. Apparently, because it's a Wii title and gamers don't care about that. Smilie Smilie

    I'm sure the Wii version is going to be absolutely stellar and completely destroy the PS2 version (and I do plan on picking it up), but the principle of the matter REALLY pisses me off. Especially how frequently they screwed GameCube fans over with their "exclusives" last gen. Wii fans deserve just as much quality effort in their games as PS3 & 360 fans, and considering Wii sales are destroying PS3's and 360's worldwide (unlike GameCube's run), you'd think this would be a f***'n no-brainer. Smilie

    Chance favors the prepared mind.

    I've already got it PS2 so I don't know if I would get it on Wii. I haven't even played it all the way through. I only got about 1/4 the way in and lost interest.Smilie

    I keep meaning to pick it up again but either don't have enough time to invest or don't feel in the mood.

    ( Edited 11.02.2008 08:26 by Trepe )

    Capcom only put a small budget into it, so there's surely no money left for adverts. That's not good, but seldom do games or ports even get adverts but AAA titles. So what do you expect?
    No new content - okay, but why do you want new one? Surely, better replay-value, but when doing new content, you have to put a gamedesigner to it, produce new content, include it in the game and so on. It has to fit it.
    'I don't buy it' - come on, you guys all screamed for a Wii version out there and then you all say 'I don't buy it'? That's crap!

    It's not fine to rush out a Wii port without new and improved textures or graphics, but it's a port you all wanted and I hope it's a well done one. And that's what this man says. He waggles a bit like 'we didn't do anything new, but buy it, you Wii-morons (it does sound a bit like it). That's not fine to do. But aside from that it's a great port I want and you out there all shouted to do. So don't complain too much.

    By the way: I think it would be great to advertise this fine game via TV and such, as it would bring a lot of Wii-Sports and Wii-Fits to Okami, since it delivers a great experience and interface for these people and a unique sense of humour and great gameplay, which you don't find in much games anywhere else in the market.

    I find your lack of faith disturbing!

    # No new content, but still aiming for 40-60 hours of gameplay.


    Seriously this has to be a joke.

    Staff Member

    I thought Okami has such graphical style that it doesn't really need a graphical upgrade, it looks good enough as it is.
    Also the PS2 version idn't sell very well so since its coming to the wii, it wont need new content as loads of gamers won't have played it yet.

    Stuart Lawrence
    Follow Me on twitter :: @Stulaw90 || My Youtube || Backloggery
    NNID: Stulaw

    We only got this game becuase so many asked for it.
    Theres probably only a tiny budget they had to convert it with. So they choose wiicontrolls rather then graphics or marketing.

    Personaly I wouldnt want them to improve assets in the graphics, but 480p takes little effort to support.

    How long was the PS2 version? I never played it so I dont know. But if it was long to start with, it dosnt need upgrades to be 40+ hours.

    Please give our little random review show a try;
    We have special effects and umm...stuff...

    The PS2 version took me about 40 hours and that wasn't quite 100% complete. The graphics are also fantastic and won't need to be touched.

    As long as they've changed the loading screen game to take account of the faster loading times on Wii, and have produced a quality control system for the main game, I'd be really happy with it. If it's at a reasonable price, which it should be considering I got the PS2 version for £25, I'd consider buying it just for the control system.

    EDIT: They should also make that bloody Grande Blockhead easier. That thing was a nightmare.

    ( Edited 11.02.2008 14:37 by Dr_R )

    "This man has advanced communist views ... He dresses in a bohemian fashion both at his office and in his leisure hours."

    Trepe said:
    I've already got it PS2 so I don't know if I would get it on Wii. I haven't even played it all the way through. I only got about 1/4 the way in and lost interest.Smilie

    I keep meaning to pick it up again but either don't have enough time to invest or don't feel in the mood.

    Tough one that, I would say play the version you already have at some point, it is certainly a special game and well worth playing properly.

    What you have is a disease sweeping gamedom, I myself am inflicted, we gamers today are far too spoilt.

    Well if the PS2 version was perfectly fine then it doesn't really need an upgrade - like RE4.

    I think I'll get this because I don't have a PS2 - But I hope its £20 if its so low budget.

    Avoid Games Like the Plague, productivity++

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