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Okami Hands-on Gameplay Videos (480p)

With Capcom promising more details on the upcoming Okami port for Wii, some gameplay footage has been revealed.

The new videos reveal combat, exploration and brush action on the Wii, showing much care over the Playstation 2 port.

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    16.02.2008 03:33



    Box art for Okami








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    Senior ModeratorStaff Member


    Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

    This game was made for the Wii. Smilie

    Can't wait to play it.

    Man that looks good! It's now right near the top of my most-wanted list for sure. Definitely suits the Wii perfectly.

    Staff Member


    best PS2 port yet lol let hope this sell well and they make a 2rd just for wii

    Ha! I saw all of this yesterday!

    It looks better on Wii, I have played the PS2 game to death and I can see a definite difference. Glad it's WS also. Great colours, they should be very vibrant looking on Wii.

    ( Edited 16.02.2008 09:21 by Linkyshinks )

    Ready at Dawn said in a IGN interview last friday said the game has a higher resolution 480p of course and the Wii remote make you not want to play the original game.

    Ready at Dawn have done a fantastic job, it's perfect. Their God of War on the PSP looks awesome also.

    IGN Preview-

    ( Edited 16.02.2008 11:02 by Linkyshinks )

    I agree Linkyshinks but have they got any original IP's? I know they made the Ratchet psp game as well.

    i really thimk this will do alot better on wii then it ever did on ps2 wii owner are more open to games like this

    i cant wait to get ^^ i was going to get ps2 one but then befor i got a copy theyt come out with this so iuam happy i waited

    i hope this port is as good as res evil 4 was for wii and i hope it sell as well

    Wow, it looks really well.
    great resolution, great textures...

    I'm glad it looks that good! Resolution of the videos is a bit low, but I trust Linkyshinks on that, plus my PS2 version rests sealed on my shelf. I do not know this version.

    I find your lack of faith disturbing!

    They have taken out the parchment paper filter for the Wii version, so now everything looks even more crisper.

    I think it was a good design decision more than a technical one, it makes sense, it's more important with these controls to have a crisp clear image when fighting.

    It's going to be fantastic controlling Amaterasu with the Nunchuk. That is going to feel so very smooth.

    ( Edited 16.02.2008 16:00 by Linkyshinks )

    Damn... it really looks good. 8)

    Don't know why people are complaining about this. You guys really need to check the discussion at neogaf. It's pretty hilarious that some people think that Wii Okami doesn't look like PS2 Okami.

    Ignorance is bliss I guess.

    The only thing missing is the rice paper look. I don't know if I will miss that or not?

    Linkyshinks said:
    They have taken out the parchment paper filter for the Wii version, so now everything looks even more crisper.

    Good spot. That's why it looks more vibrant. Anyway, Shinsu Field is looking good. The only thing I noted was a touch of pop-up which isn't in the PS2 original. However it's still not finished, so I guess they'll fix that.

    Simez said:
    The only thing missing is the rice paper look. I don't know if I will miss that or not?

    Yeah it's certainly a difference. I'm not sure which I prefer. The washed-out look was part of it's style, I thought. But yeah, makes it look brighter. It would probably be best if they just included an option to toggle the parchment filter on/off.

    ( Edited 17.02.2008 13:12 by Oni-Ninja )

    This game looks awsome!

    I see all these people insulting the Nintendo corporation because of the lack of mature content. Yet there is something about Nintendo (at least their games) that strikes a certain unadulterated feeling of joy!!!  Pokemon Y - 1048-9263-5562

    Now this is a PS2 port I think I can stand. Smilie

    Awesome. Very interested about this, a must have for me!! Smilie Smilie
    Also it keeps reminding me of Wolf Link in TP, so it means that it will be great Smilie

    ( Edited 17.02.2008 20:23 by leonxs )

    The wolf is better in Okami IMO?

    Linkyshinks said:
    It looks better on Wii, I have played the PS2 game to death and I can see a definite difference. Glad it's WS also. Great colours, they should be very vibrant looking on Wii.

    So it looks better? Great news. I've always wanted this, but I never had a PS2.

    TAG: That American Guy

    "If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone." Romans 12:18

    Must say, after reading the hands-on impressions, I'm not too impressed. Sounds like they've made some odd control choices.

    Third person action/adventure games have yet to really sort themselves out on Wii. Usually, I think, companies look for Nintendo to take the lead and show them some basic control schemes. In this sense, I think the Wii version of Twilight Princess, with its post-hoc control scheme, has held back third person action/adventure games on the console.

    Why is it always waggle to attack? Hasn't No More Heroes shown that button presses can still work well? Why does no-one use the pointer to control the camera? It works extremely well in first-person games and could be even better in third person games where the need for a quick 180 turn is nowhere near as pressing (since there's always a 'centre camera behind head' button anyway).

    The sooner Nintendo gets a first-party, third-person action game out the better. Nintendo set the previous standard with OoT, it appears they'll need to do the same again!

    "This man has advanced communist views ... He dresses in a bohemian fashion both at his office and in his leisure hours."

    Splinter Cell double agent had a pointer control camera, it took getting used to but word well when you mastered it.

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