Wacky Races Crashes onto Wii and DS

By Jorge Ba-oh 12.03.2008 8

Wacky Races makes a return to the console world in Crash & Dash, for Wii and DS.

The game is said to feature all the characters, cars and action from the cult TV series, including Peter Perfect and his Turbo Terrific, the Bullet Proof Bomb piloted by the Ant Hill Mob and the delectable Penelope Pitstop. The diabolical duo Dick Dastardly and Muttley make a welcome return to front the crazy race antics.

Both versions are due for release in June 2008.

A first look at the game courtesy of PlanetNintendo.it:

Thanks to Mr. Phoenixus for the tip

Box art for Wacky Races: Crash & Dash








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Ooh, so a Mr now eh? Very privileged indeed good sir. Smilie

On topic, I was expecting a Wacky Races game like the DC one, but at least they're trying a little something new I suppose.Smilie

I hope this is good, but the trailer doesn't look that great to be honest.

I remember there used to be a game for the GBC, but I didn't get it because it didn't work with my Game Boy Pocket. Smilie It was probably rubbish though.

I had a big smile on my face during that, so I may be nostalgia biased.

Wow. Nostalgic indeed.

Used to love Dick Dastardly...he's like...the original Waluigi...Smilie

A trailer of the DS version is here. Looks much the same really.

Btw, the GBC one did suck but I loved the ps2 one! Wacky Races FTW!

My pictures wont appear so heres a smiley

All I can do is snigger like Muttley. Shame this looks crap, they should have gone all Mario Kart with it.

Oh God! It looks terrible! Just saw the trailer and I nearly puked! No chance my evil Wacky Racers Runining friends!

My pictures wont appear so heres a smiley

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