Agetec Brings LOL to DS

By Jorge Ba-oh 15.03.2008 12

The quirky Archime-DS will be making its way to the West , bring its social antics to the portable domain.

LOL is a game with endless possibilities that can be played for hours and hours of nonstop entertainment," said Hiro Fukuoka, producer at Agetec. "As long as you are a fun-loving person with a little bit of an imagination, there should be no reason you find LOL to be anything less than a great time with your friends. It maximizes your creative abilities and puts a fun twist to it.

LOL is played by one of the players making a challenge in writing to the others. The crazier the challenge, the more fun everyone will have. The person who delivered the challenge chooses an appropriate time limit, and everyone has to answer the challenge on their touch screen however they see fit

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What the fuck is this?


Wouldn't mind getting this, if it's extremely cheap. All for the lulz.

Sounds very lolish. Smilie

There's a game on PSP called WTF! I wonder when someone will make LMAO!

It's from the guy that did Chibi-Robo and GiFTPiA.

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jesusraz said:
It's from the guy that did Chibi-Robo and GiFTPiA.

Then it's automatically a great game, yes?

I hate WTF. It's a rip off of Warioware that tries to feature Mario being rideculed whenever possible.

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Was it a 1 man development team?

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i'd get this but i have no close ds friends

That looks like one weird game.

There's probably going to be a sequel called ROTFLSmilie

Well techniclly I'm still melee guy.

does anyone know if you can play this across wi-fi otherwise is sounds shit.

I don't think it does. Online would have been a nice feature, drawing Lolz with random people. But than... we must protectz teh children.

LMAO = Sequel
WTF = Prequel

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