Hudson Bring Downloadable Karaoke to Wii

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.03.2008 9

Hudson have announced a partnership with Xing to provide karaoke action for the Wii and downloadable tracks via WiiWare.

The Wii version is sees players able to sing along to their favourite tracks, play mini-games and more. To expand the song selection periodically, it's been announced that Xing will be providing downloadable tracks via WiiWare via a monthly service charge.

It's said that around about 1000 songs will be added per month. "Uta Suki" social networking service will offer online rankings, co-op and player communication.


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Well if 1000 tracks per month is true, this will sell like Diamond studded hot cakes.

Do you download a microphone for it or what?

It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.

I think it's a retail game from what i read on the neogaff, you just get the songs from wiiware. I think.

So just confirmation of DLC for retail games.

Shame it had to be some crazy japanese kareoke game and not rock band.

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

If they can fucking have downloadable songs, ROCK BAND FUCKING SHOULD!

tiamat1990 said:
If they can fucking have downloadable songs, ROCK BAND FUCKING SHOULD!

Point well made.

Wii owners get a "exclusively crap version" of RockBand. You know what, quite frankly I hope it fucking bombs to death on Wii, that will show the fuckers at Harmonix. They have got no chance competing with GH if they cannot even squeeze out the main draw which is DLC, it's down to laziness, Activision tried desperately throughout to bring DLC to GH3 Wii and they made good inroads with Ninty, as a result DLC will be in the new game for sure. Why the fuck could Harmonix not have just waited that little bit longer for Wii Ware and the Wii HD, money, it's always money. They obviously saw what was happening with GH and they felt like they needed a piece of the action quickly tio gain a foothold. In turn they put out a considerably weaker version, although be it with some great, supposedly exclusive songs, which can also be downloaded on the 360 version.. Smilie

On the DLC issue wait and see what games go into development once the Wii HD is revealed at E3 in a few months. It may well be late for this version of RB but the next via Wii Ware could well have DLC.

Has rockband been doing well on any console? I never see it in shops and no one I know has it. Only ever see guitar hero 3.

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

Sounds good. Personally it comes down to song selections. DLC? Should be good.

Blade2t3 said:
Has rockband been doing well on any console? I never see it in shops and no one I know has it. Only ever see guitar hero 3.

I have GH3 for Wii. My brother has Rock Band for 360. Rock Band is better, even if you're playing alone (unless all you want to do is play guitar, in which case they're pretty much interchangeable). But Rock Band is _much_ more expensive (especially if you've already got a GH guitar).

Sales for Rockband, about 1.6 million (on 360, PS3 and PS2, although PS2 is only 40k according to this...hardly worth mentioning):

Sales for GH3 much higher:
PS2 3.64 Million
360 2.59 Million
Wii 2.11 Million
PS3 1.03 Million

But, seriously, if you have to choose one or the other, unless you have no friends and you only like to pretend to play guitar, pick Rock Band.

Hmmm thanks for the advice!

It's not even out here yet, so thats why I havn't noticed it!

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

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