Team Ninja Considering More DS, Wii Development

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.03.2008 5

During the launch of Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword for the DS, Team Ninja's Yosuke Hayashi revealed plans for Wii and DS.

Kotaku sat down with the game's producer, quizzing him on the title itself and if the studio had future plans for Nintendo's gaming offspring.

When questioned on a sequel and future games for the portable, he replied: "there is no plans to a DS 2 or anything that has a continuation from Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword story, however having been able to work on developing a title for the DS this time around I've seen a lot of exciting opportunities and I myself am more excited that I now see the DS being a handheld or console that I can work on and develop a better game perhaps in the future. When the DS first came out for awhile it was very popular but I couldn't get a grip on what titles were going to really show off the hardware in terms of its capabilities. I do feel that Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword has been able to move in that direction. Hopefully this title will lead to some examples of how to create some even more exciting action games. So in that sense I would like to work on something in the future for the DS."

Finally, a quick positive note for possible Wii development from Team Ninja: "I see a huge amount of potential in the hardware and I am personally very into it and pretty excited about what can be possible on the Wii. I'm hoping I can come up with something for the Wii from our team."

Certainly a hopeful outlook for seeing Team Ninja projects on Nintendo consoles in the future.

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It does sound like something I would be very excited on when true - for him and other more serious developers like him:
Seing Wii as a great piece of hardware, where you can pull of fantastic games which take time to design and not only program but to develop. Something like 2nd or even 3rd generation of Wii games. I hope they pull serious games of - something like hacking Wii and designing engines like the one for FF12 only set for Wii's capabilities or something. Great, full-packed games worth buying. Casual games, too, but not only so.

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

Itagaki sounds a lot more keen on the idea of a sequel than he does, I don\'t think he would have much say as Itagaki is creative director. The game is begging for a sequel will happen despite what this producer says now. He is just saying that because of shit sales in Japan. It will do very well in other regions even if it continues to do crap in Japan.

I will be posting my review of Dragon Sword in my Blog on Sunday. In a word,- vgood

They really do not know what good games are anymore in that region, they would rather play casual crap and the odd RPG these days. Their lack of take up of new genres is stunting the industry there. There is a serious lack of innovation now.

The real innovation in video games seems to be shifting from the east to the west now, and it\'s a good thing to. I am getting sick to death of Japanese games heavy with A typical style and little else. It\'s all style with no substance these days, and the retreading of old worn ground.

Western developers are going to rule this market in a couple of years time if they continue as they are, thankfully it should mean better games for us here and less casual crap. The Japanese market which is crap now in comparison, will only get worse if trends continue as they are. I say bring it on, the industry needs a change and less control from the east. The culture and certain ideologies of Japan should not negatively effect our culture of videogames in the west, we have our own culture be it good or bad.

Thank god for a few teams like Grasshopper and Team Ninja, and some sections of Capcom. At least they will always have eyes focusing on what western gamers want and will tune games to suit us. The vast majority of their development community is not the same, and it is to the detriment of the whole industry worldwide.

I want a Ninja game designed by both Itagaki and Dr Hitomi. I would like to see them bring the art of Ninja back to it\'s roots in every way. A Wii Remote and Nunchuk game would be perfect.

( Edited 29.03.2008 11:37 by Linkyshinks )

Man I want to see what they can come up with on the Wii!!

I really want to try out Ninja Gaiden on DS, I have heard nothing but good news about. Would love to see what they can come up with with the Wii's control.

I popped a review in Blogs.

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