Head-Tracking feature taken out of Boom Blox

By Shane Jury 16.04.2008 12

Speaking at the Nintendo Media Summit, Mr Rahimi confirmed that the recently discovered Head-Tracking functionality will not make it to Boom Blox's retail release.

In an email statement, EA noted that;

"Head-tracking was something we considered including as an Easter egg in BOOM BLOX however, we did not end up including it in the final version of the game. ..."

A clip describing how Head-Tracking works is below.

Does this announcement impact your decision on whether to buy this game or not? Have your say in the comments below.

Thanks to Joystiq.com

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lol, that was the only thing about the game that interested me. Probably wouldn't have bought it anyway though...

Looks like an interesting game, but I don't think its one for me - gotta try it out first. Head tracking sounded so cool n all!

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

That's upsetting because the head tracking is very cool.

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err? Why?
Why remove it :?

Seriously, I dont get development studios sometimes.

I wont say I wont get the game for sure, but this certainly takes away one of the reasons to get it.

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I'm sure some people would've bought it just for the head tracking.

Delay it then :3

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Would anyone have actually strapped a wiimote to their fecking heads?


Still looks good though.

Someone has written XNA Wii Remote libraries now so when I get home I'll have a go at whipping up some tech demos if I can get a bluetooth dongle.

Boom Blox looks like a fantastic game, I don\'t think taking out this feature is going to stop the game being a huge success and a great game.


\"Would anyone have actually strapped a wiimote to their fecking heads?\"


They were going to develop a headset minus remotes.

( Edited 16.04.2008 20:11 by Linkyshinks )

RyanT said:
Would anyone have actually strapped a wiimote to their fecking heads?


Still looks good though.

You don't strap a wiimote to you head, you had a wii remote on your TV and you could either have the sensor bar on a hat or had something emitting infrared light, he had glass with two LED's.

Yeah, probably would have still been a pain to try but why take it out? It's not technically difficult to pull off..it was a fun easter egg cool tech demo. WHY! Just makes no sense to take it out when you already had such a cool feature in. Bah cunts!

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It could be a really important part of future gaming, quite frankly I think the technology is awesome. Only problems are it may be a bit awkward, and I wouldn't want it with every game, but it's be great with a game like this, right?

Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

Video looks sooo good! I think it would work in a mini-game/arcade-like environment, with short bursts of play else I don't see many people standing up for hours on end doing it.

Shame they took it out Smilie

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

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