Moon DS Video Blog: First Footage

By Jorge Ba-oh 25.04.2008 8

Renegade Kid has revealed the first footage from their upcoming DS game, Moon, via video blog.

Known simply as "Moon", players are transported 50 years into the future where some lunar exploration leads astronauts to find a secret alien specifies whilst up there. Using the DS's touch screen and the gorgeous "Renegade Engine", it certainly looks impressive - as Renegade's Jools Watsham discusses:

Moon lands in stores in 2008.

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Box art for Moon

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OOOOh. It looks nice. They look like their getting allot out of the humble DS.

Dementium was a slight let-down with it\'s enless looking for items, but it was a gorgeous game.

( Edited 25.04.2008 10:02 by Trepe )

I LOVE the plug at the start Smilie
But footage a bit too poor to make out much, but looks like a decent engine. If they got spare memory, it could really do with some shadows burnt into the textures. <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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Looks pretty awesome - loving the visuals from what he's showing, should be pretty slick one we see the game in its entirety.

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer
Our member of the week

Looks promising. I agree with Trepe about Dementium. It was a let down.

A bit too repetitive but definetly one of the best looking DS games out there. So, if those guys at renegade have improved their engine a bit further for this game, and they worked out a better adventure (less repetitve than Dementium for the least), what we would have with Moon would be one of the most incredible DS games ever made.

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

The game looks well and truly fantastic, I was a huge fan of their first game which was awesome and this looks even better. This is the type of software that is the solution to the DS current problems. Thank god at least someone is attempting to push boundaries with the DS. I hope they pass on the engine freely to UEngine 3 on 360 proportions, and spam the DS with it. As far as I am concerned that would not be a bad thing given the the woeful slew of low quality crap on the DS currently.

Looks nice, I love fps's on the ds.

Guest 25.04.2008#7

Looks very good indeed, can't really say much else about it.

It looks promising. I need more DS games.

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