Rumor: Metroid Prime Trilogy Heading to Wii

By Shane Jury 28.04.2008 29

From, this rumor states that the trilogy pack will refine Primes 1 and 2 with Wii controls to equal those of the third game, and sell them all together as a full-priced title.

Word has it that a certain retailer had a SKU pop up in their computer systems for a Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii. What could this title be? Well, I would expect it to be Prime 1, 2, and 3 all on the Wii... but Prime 1 and 2 with all-new Wiimote controls. I love Metroid, but I really don't know if I would buy something like this. It would see a bit silly to pass it up, especially if you could get all 3 for $50.

Is this something you would like to see? Make your opinion heard below.

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If this is true, then I would welcome it.

I never got a chance to play 2 and haven't got around to buying 3.

Ive never really played 1 or 2, so I would buy this considering the short time I had with Prime 3 was great.

( Edited 28.04.2008 07:48 by Demoni Rakkausenkeli )

If it\'s true this is fantastic news for fans, but if it\'s just a compilation disc, that\'s crap. I would not buy it having all 3 games. They would also have to up the graphics to that of MP3 quality, but I suppose if they added Wii controls to the first two games that would be part of the package.

How reliable is this rumour I wonder, it could actually be true considering the departure of key figures in Retro.

( Edited 28.04.2008 07:53 by Linkyshinks )

Well LS, all they have to do is add BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOM SmilieSmilie

I guess this is the closest Metroid might get to an "All Stars" type game.

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Shame it's not an All-Stars of the proper Metroid games.

I guess we know what's happening with the Metroid series in the forseeable future. *sigh*.

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knighty said:
Well LS, all they have to do is add BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOM SmilieSmilie

Corruption has higher-resolution textures, improved enemy models, and extensive high dynamic range lighting all in 16:9 480p. I would want the same improvements in the first two games.

That would be great. The Metroid games sold so poorly, it's a shame.

I won't get it because I already played and own all 3 Primes. Smilie

I reallllllly want them to do this.

After playing Metroid Prime 3, I find it harder to play 1 and 2 again because of the controls. (need more first person games with controls like metroid prime 3)

If its just the gamecube games without any changes then there is no point, but if it uses the prime 3 engine and controls I would happily buy them again Smilie

Also many people with Wiis might not have played the previous games.

I never got to play 2 so I wouldn't mind this at all. The controls in Corruption were pretty good.

Please be true, please be true, I will sell MP3 just to buy it again because I have never played the others..

( Edited 28.04.2008 10:24 by hexpunK )

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I think it would take too much effort to remake 1 and 2 with wiicontrolls.
Adding the controlls is easy, but gameballancing would be chucked out the window.

I think this is more likely a bundle deal.

Either way its good if true.
Corruption didnt get enough attention, and its a *cough* Prime example of Wii controlls being superiour. <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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i would buy that so much, ive completed 2 and 3, but prime 1 i kinda didnt finish, it they completely revamped it i would consider it.

Since MP1-3 are my favourites, I would welcome it. It's atypical for Nintendo to do something like that, but why not?

I would welcome Wii-Controls for MP1 and 2 or maybe optional using the old scheme with Cube-controller (sontrols were really, really good!). And brushed up textures, effects and resolution, too.

Hell, I think I would buy this package, regardless, that I already own all 3 games (I got stuck with the final boss on MP1 and with the boss, which holds the speed-upgrade to the morph ball on 2).

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

knighty said:
Well LS, all they have to do is add BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOM SmilieSmilie

If they just put bloom it would look a bit iffy, nice and fancy, but cheap to render lighting, on some slighlty last gen textures would look odd to me. I know how that looks from using the post-proccessing options on Garrysmod on my PCSmilie

( Edited 28.04.2008 12:39 by hexpunK )

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I would trade in my Prime games to get this if 1 & 2 had Wii controls added in (otherwise I have no reason to buy this, as I have Primes 1-3). That would make them the definitive versions, similar to RE4 Wii being (I believe) the definitive version of that game.

My wish would be for them to put Kraid back into Prime as a boss, as he was originally meant to be.

Please no, what a waste of talent for the people at retro to be working on a fuckin compilation title!

I want to se what non metroid stuff they can do.

( Edited 28.04.2008 13:16 by Blade2t3 )

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Well if the rumor is true, then controls will have to be updated no matter what, the Wii does not ship with a cube/classic pad - Nintendo would be silly to release a game disc with two out of three games on that force someone to buy another pad. If they just ported over the GC games with no Wiimote support, can you think how many Americans will buy the game not realising they need a cube pad?Smilie

OMG!!! Please be true!!! Please please please!!!!

I hope that this does come out on Wii because it would be cheaper than buying them seperately.Smilie

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Blade2t3 said:
Please no, what a waste of talent for the people at retro to be working on a fuckin compilation title!

I want to se what non metroid stuff they can do.

Who's to say that Retro would be handling it? If I were Nintendo, I'd hand it out to another promising studio and let Retro carry on with their next game. Kinda like how Capcom let Ready At Dawn handle the Okami transfer.Smilie

Good If you don't already own all 3. No way i am buying them again just for added wii controls.

That's cool but kinda pointeless. MP1 can easily be gotten for under 10 bucks. As for wii controls, I highly doubt that will happen. If this is true im expecting quality something more like the Zelda's collecter disc.

Oh man I hope they do this. Sadly I never got around to playing the first 2 back when I had my cube, and I figured I should before I bought 3.

Well, call me foolish if you want, but hot damn, I'd be all over that like white on rice! Smilie

It'd be extremely awesome if they'd upgrade the graphics for both MP 1 & 2 to match MP 3's quality and add some extra bonus content and features. That'd be really sweet, too. Either way, I'd pick that up on launch day. lol

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