VC Summary: The Conduit, Battle of the Bands, Line Rider 2

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.04.2008 5

The latest summary of IGN's Voice Chat has come in, including details on Wii FPS The Conduit,
Battle of the Bands, Prince of Persia and more.

The Conduit
- FPS, pushes technology, not war-time shooter
- D.C. under attack by aliens
- All seeing eye: Walk up to doorways, pull out item - interact with lock to find hidden passageways, monsters
- Matt & Bozon have seen footage, won't talk about it yet. Video in next few weeks
- High Voltage still working on making the game look better

- Space-shooter, good music, effects
- Only $7, supposed to launch with WiiWare
- Looks like an Xbox Live Arcade game, also looks better in a higher resolution

Animales de la Muerte
- IGN team excited for it
- Nintendo not regulating content for WiiWare, but no games with AO games
- Hope to show a game like WiiWare soon
- More High Voltage games in future

Prince of Persia
- No Wii version, not much news on the game
- Hope it's more of a traditional PoP game

- 116% increase in profits
- 6 games per console worldwide
- Oct/Nov - Wii had a higher software:hardware ratio than 360, PS3

Battle of the Bands
- Cool concept, but no real gameplay
- Just 3 waggle motions
- Can play remixes of songs right from the start

Target Terror
- "Ass-tastic" - Bozon
- Sucked: frame-rate issues, too expensive, etc.

- IGN team was Wrong about Retro staff leaving the company
- Very unfortunate to lose them, but Retro is still a big company and will find replacements
- Stuff "cooking" at Retro, things coming down the road - Matt
- Matt has been trying to contact the staff members who left, no response yet.

Rayman Rabbids with Wii Balance Board
- It's obvious what the game is about, but the IGN team can't talk about it

Line Rider 2
- DS version: Runs smooth, circle to delete object chugs, may operate better than Wii version - no DS->Wii connectivity
- Level editor isn't as good as Boom Blox

- Hopefully will have more on Moon, Viva Pinata, Atlus games, other titles for the DS

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
- Alright, still looks like a GBA game

Reader Questions
- Bionic Commando not on VC: Might be because of game going to other systems or content in original
- Nintendo probably announce games at E3, Kid Icarus will be coming, Matt thinks Pikmin will be announced, Animal Crossing shown, maybe 1080 (nothing is official)
- Funky Kong in MKWii: Random appearance, jury is out on trying to promote DK characters for a new game
- IGN team couldn't comment on GTA getting a 10 since they haven't played it much
- N-Space is still working on games IGN reported on awhile ago
- PoP not on Wii: Matt: It sucks but he would probably buy it on 360
- Brawl has online issues, there was no lag when Matt first tried it out
- Lucas Arts should make WiiWare games
- Developers & Wii->DS connectivity - Most developers dumbfounded by it when mentioned, would make sense as an extra option for many games
- Timesplitters 3 definitely not coming to Wii exclusively, maybe not at all
- WiiWare could push 3rd party developers to make better looking games
- Wii games could get updates, patched, etc. if developers add it in, Battle Mode in MKWii won't change
- Mario 3 GBA + E-reader on WiiWare: All up to Nintendo to do this, but already have released Super Mario Bros. 3 for VC
- Bozon, Craig would rather have a hockey game than a Cricket game
- Ubisoft hasn't showed "Nintendo-quality" titles, but there's still many months for them to show games off
- Bozon believes 2D Castlevania on Wii is a good idea
- Wii Fit 6th fastest selling game in UK: People obviously interested, will probably sell 2.8 million in U.S - Matt
- Metroid's future: unknown, look out for Retro projects (won't involve Metroid)
- First party Nintendo games: Would tease about them if they knew about them
- No decent platformers (not counting WiiWare) coming to Wii
- NCAA08 will have hands on when they get to play Madden
- 1-2 VC games a week: Nintendo is doing things their own way
- In-game footage of Disaster: Possible right before E3
- Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles for Wii - might see it at E3
- Favorite WiiWare games: Craig, Matt: World of Goo - Lost Winds close, Daemon: Strongbad

Thanks to Nintendo Everything's Valay for the tip.

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So shoot me, I'm actually excited about The Conduit. Maybe I'm just starved for some FPS on the Wii.

2-D Castlevania on any home system would be great, but do you go with a high-end title or go the WiiWare/X-box Live Arcade/PSN route? Regardless, I love the thought of a giant castle to explore in 2-D on a home system. That is one of the few franchises that could push me into saving for a 360 or PS3 in the near future.


Onwards, TO NOWHERE! Proud owner of Farming Simulator 2013.

ummmm...timesplitters 3 is already out.....

- In-game footage of Disaster: Possible right before E3

Woah, missed that cheeky little monkey when I listened. We already have seen little snippets of in-game footage in the various Wii montages that Disaster has appeared in.

Remember that kickass CGI footage of the volvano blowing up that helicopter in E3 06? I think that is the sole reason why so many people care about this, me being one of them Smilie

"- IGN team couldnít comment on GTA getting a 10 since they havenít played it much"


"Sony always wins baby.. Sony always wins.." - Chad Warden on pstripple
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