Super Mario 64 FPS Mod

By Jorge Ba-oh 29.04.2008 11

A modder has recreated the nostalgic Mario 64 castle complete with alien scum and firearms.

Using Garry's Mod, the castle is stunningly recreated complete with its corridors, stairways and even Luigi held captive with Princess Peach in Bowser's evil lair upstairs.

Thanks to GoNintendo for the tip.

Box art for Super Mario 64





3D Platformer



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Smilie Black Mesa geting every where now days


Not bad, the layout isn't quite right but pretty good.

The hallway in the entrance was a bit too long but besides that it looks great. Now if only nintendo took this idea and have a smash bros style FPS with an online mode kind of like team fortress 2.

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Slow news day today then?

Yoshidude said:
Slow news day today then?

Yeah i know.

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That's pretty fucking intense. The geezer must have actually ripped those castle environment models straight from the N64 ROM.

Very old.

GARRYSMOD!!, best minedless fun game ever. And now I want this map Smilie
People are getting seriously skilled with the hammer map editor valVe offer, I have seen mod after mod based on old games, heck someone is making a Goldeneye mod for HL2, with online multiplayer and all

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I want a Mario Portal mod.
You could make the portal edges look like warp pipes :p
(so your effectively chucking pipes onto the walls) <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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That is really amazing, where can I get it?

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