New Broken Sword Game for DS

By Shane Jury 03.05.2008 7

UK Magazine N-Revolution are reporting that a new installment in the classic Broken Sword franchise is on the way for DS.

Revolution Software, the creators of the Point-and-Click Franchise, state the title will be an all-new entry, chronicling events before the first title; Shadows of the Templars. The following is an extract from the magazine article;

It's not a straight port. It's not even a Director's cut with extras thrown in for the sake of it. It may have had one of the most stunning openings of any game in history, but the new Broken Sword will go back in time. It will look at George Stobbart's life before an explosion in a Parisian cafe rocked his world. And it will let us see what the stunning Nico was up to prior to reporting on the intriguing events which unfolded throughout the original game.

Revolution Software have yet to confirm the title through official channels.

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If we were allowed to stick up a scan of the article for you guys, I would, so sorry about that.Smilie But it\'s definitely in the Magazine, I got it this morning.Smilie I sure hope it\'s true.

( Edited 03.05.2008 12:34 by Phoenixus )

Something I've been dreaming of! Woo-hoo! Smilie

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Well, considering these gems have sold like Okami on LSD on PC, I hope that a new, much wider market can secure the franchise's future.

cant any one see a wii Broken Sword soon too?

OH! I would love these guys to give the Wii a look with their Broken Sword games. It would be perfect. The Wii-mote is great for this kind of game.

But, I am shocked that it has taken so long for adventure game developers to take a look at the DS and Unfortunately for the Wii it seems that it will have to wait longer.

I love broken sword!

Meh. Prequels are shit. Plus, this one is nothing but a money-spinner. The thing that made George so likable in the first Broken Sword is that he was some random American tourist on holiday, who had no experience in getting into wild adventures.

This will be shit.

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