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Review: DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part One (PC)

Defy the ancient gods, with DOOM Eternal's first DLC.

Review: Beyond Blue (PC)

It's time to dive deep into the depths of Beyond Blue.

Review: Kirby Fighters 2 (Nintendo Switch)

The pink wonder strikes again on Switch with a sequel to the Nintendo 3DS brawler.

Review: Smoots World Cup Tennis (Nintendo Switch)

Smacking zombies with fireballs is about the only good aspect to this tennis game.

Review: Control: Ultimate Edition (PC)

The ultimate edition of what could be Remedy Entertainment's ultimate creation: Control.

Review: Hades (Nintendo Switch)

This action-RPG should be used in psychology to study addiction.

Review: As Far As The Eye (PC)

A city-building simulator, where the city must be rebuilt every new map.

Review: Othercide (PlayStation 4)

Cubed3 tries taking on demons in this horror themed XCOM game with replay elements

Review: Partisans 1941 (PC)

A small tactical strategy game focusing on a few soldiers behind enemy lines

Review: Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit (Nintendo Switch)

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit brings karting into the living room with impressive AR technology! Can this racer hold up to the classics?

Review: Mafia: Definitive Edition (PlayStation 4)

A riveting crime caper - marred by some unfortunate technical issues.

Review: Ciel Fledge (Nintendo Switch)

In a dystopian future, it's time to have an orphan thrust upon you by an organisation, and raise her as your own daughter.

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