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News: Reward Yourself with FREE Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Cubed3 goes in-depth into how to reward yourself with free Game Pass Ultimate every month. The Microsoft Rewards programme is a series of easy rewards that gamers can get just for booting up a Game Pass game, earning an achievement, or using the Bing search engine. Game Pass isn't the only freebie on offer, either, as users can also redeem their points against gift cards for use at a number of high street retailers.

Find out more by watching Cubed3's video:

Did you learn a trick or two? Will you be taking part in the Microsoft Rewards programme to get free Game Pass? Let us know in the comments section.

Review: Piofiore: Fated Memories (Nintendo Switch)

Otomate is the capo dei capi of romantic visual novels, and now it's applying its charm to the Italian Mafia.

Tech Up! Venom Gaming Essentials Kit and Venom Switch Lite Charging Stand for Nintendo Switch Lite

New consoles are always a massive deal in any gamer's life: the sights, the smells and the smooth untarnished edges. With new hardware, however, comes the fear of a pristine new piece of tech being damaged in any small way for the rest of its lifespan. Enter Venom, looking to fulfil the promise of safe portability as well as providing an air of quality to ensure that no harm will come to the shiny new bundle of joy. Do these new additions hold up? Cubed3 takes a look at the Venom Gaming Essentials Kit and the Venom Switch Lite Charging Stand.
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Starting with the Venom Gaming Essentials Kit, everything that would be expected is included, as well as one or two welcome additions.  Towering over all other pieces of kit is the staple hard case. Constructed in a durable EVA material that to the touch brings back memories of all the cool kids in school with those shark shaped pencil cases, the first thought is "quality". A nice rubbery textured case that the Nintendo Switch Lite fits snugly into without the worry of wobble when thrown into a satchel. The standard webbed storage pocket is also included to house all the extra goodies and has enough length and space to also throw in a couple of cartridges, should the desire arise to take everything and risk losing it all in one fell swoop. The most important thing to focus on is always going to be if the case can withstand a beating and, indeed, the Venom hard case is going to be the only case needed for years to come.
With the main attraction out of the way, what about the backups? Firstly, the headphones are, well, fine. These will easily provide the quality needed for a short commute or holiday trip but are never going to challenge a separately bought pair of ear comforters. They do feel slightly flimsy and might not last as long as the case with prolonged usage although, again, that is not unexpected. However, they fit snugly into the case compartment with no concerns about them scratching across the console, which is a welcome bonus.
The staple Microfibre cloth is present, as well. A Nintendo Switch seems to be addicted to collecting dust so throwing one in is always a welcome addition. The real surprise however is the inclusion of additional silicone thumb grips. After a thorough test they showed no signs of slipping and any additional coverings protecting the main sticks are always welcome.

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The final nugget of equipment included is the screen protector. Alcohol wipes are included to ensure the cleanest and easiest method of application. No issues were had when applying the protector and it certainly has enough quality to keep the screen scratch free. It is worth noting however that no instructions are provided on how to apply it correctly, so newcomers might need to do a little research to ensure a smooth, correct finish.
For value for money the Venom Gaming Essentials Kit can't really be beaten and there are certainly a few surprises thrown in to set it apart from other kits on the market. Most importantly however is that the case provided is going to not only be a case for life but is also going to protect a shiny new Nintendo Switch Lite for the same amount of time. If inclined to always play on the go, safety is assured.
A different product is the Venom Switch Lite Charging Stand. For the at home gamer, Venom has also covered the market with this item. A small affair powered by a standard USB-C cable. Unfortunately, no cable is included so the standard charger is needed to accompany it. What it lacks in peripherals is made up for in its ease of travel. Basically palm sized, it will sit nicely on any surface and can be innocuously tucked away so that it won't disturb any other items on a desk when not in use. With the angled back it is also perfect for using as a screen stand when using external controllers. Finally, Venom has ensured that different models are covered by offering the stand in grey, turquoise, coral and yellow.

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 Venom have ensured they still lead the way in third party peripherals by creating a kit and stand that will not only last the test of time but also ensure the most comfortable and safe fit for the Nintendo Switch Lite at the budget price point. In the case of the Venom Gaming Essentials Kit especially, the inclusion of little additions like thumb grips really elevate an already quality product. Ensuring the Venom Switch Lite Charging Stand available is also not intrusive and covers all colours and options for the default Nintendo Switch Lite also make them a very tempting proposition. For quality and value, disappointment is not a worry when picking these up.


Review: Ys Origin (Nintendo Switch)

14 years on this prequel to the cult franchise gets reborn on Switch.

Review: Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition (PlayStation 5)

A brush with brilliance?

Review: Mundaun (Xbox One)

A Swiss folk-horror game set in Mundaun that is not so mundane.

Review: Katamari Damacy REROLL (Xbox One)

A redux with a reduction of features.

Review: Dead or Alive (PlayStation)

[Insert joke about bouncy breasts]

Review: The Innsmouth Case (Nintendo Switch)

Something fishy is going on here…

News: Last Month on YouTube - 21st March - Part 1

Welcome to the March edition of Last Month on YouTube! As the team has been a bit busy, this is actually the first edition of 2021 and, as such, it's time to recap some favourites from YouTubers' content for January, February and March in two editions this month! This is a curated list of content to help you discover content that you might have missed. Be sure to follow all of Cubed3's favourite YouTubers, and remember to ring that bell to get notifications!

If you have any feedback or suggestions for any other YouTubers to be added, please comment below!

Slopes Game Room - Pilotwings: The Complete History | RETRO GAMING DOCUMENTARY


Top Hat Gaming Man -Top 25 Nintendo 64 Games you couldn't play!


Sunpi - Little Nightmare 2 - I'VE HAD IT WITH THIS GAME!


Source Gaming - Why Characters Got Selected - Super Smash Bros Brawl


Elz The Witch - Playing FIFA 21 with REEV and Georgia Stanway


Liam Robertson - Big Games Nintendo Turned Down


TeeChu - SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive games that need remakes or sequels!


Nintendo Life - The 3DS Turns 10 Years old!


News: Cubed3 Unboxes SEGA's Astro City As It Makes Its Way to the West

To celebrate SEGA's 60th Anniversary, it has released an arcade cabinet themed on the very popular Astro City Mini cabs that were prevalent across Japan during the 1980s and '90s. Previously a Japanese exclusive, the SEGA Astro City Mini was recently announced as coming to the West with Limited Run Games picking up distribution rights.

Join Neil Flynn as he unboxes his Japanese import!

Have you got an Astro City Mini, or would you like to purchase one? Then let us know in the comments below...

Review: Balan Wonderworld (PlayStation 4)

Enter the absolutely totally bonkers world of Balan and help people confront their fears to cure your own on PlayStation 4.

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