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Will add everyone :)
By Lampow
10.04.2014, 23:23 (view)
Favslist - Rank your favorite games, movies and actually...everything
By Papissama
05.04.2014, 19:06 (view)
Custom box arts for Wii U games
By Sherwinator
27.03.2014, 14:04 (view)
Indie and strange pc / video games
By david_ellitts
25.03.2014, 21:46 (view)
Pokemon Mega Stone Request
By total anonymous
24.03.2014, 19:53 (view)

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Topic Title Replies Views Last Post
Toys for Bob Recalls Nintendo's Reluctance to Skylanders Exclusivity
By jb
2346Cheesing it up
Today, 00:16 (view)
Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection Footage
By jb
1312Ifrit XXII
Yesterday, 23:01 (view)
Wii U 2D Horror RPG Ex Oblivione Announced
By jb
Yesterday, 22:50 (view)
Pokemon X/Y Safari Friend Code Exchange and Information
By cyclonesama
Yesterday, 22:14 (view)
Azure Striker Gunvolt to Maintain Long Hair in the West
By jb
Yesterday, 21:24 (view)
Cult County now Available on 3DS
By jb
Yesterday, 20:48 (view)
Animal Crossing: Let's Go to the City (Wii) - Friend Codes, Trades and Chat
By c3bot
Yesterday, 19:15 (view)
Metroid Director Sakamoto on Returning to Past Franchises
By jb
Yesterday, 12:35 (view)
Use Wii U GamePad as Steering Wheel with new Controller Shell
By jb
Yesterday, 10:23 (view)
BurgerTime World Tour to Expire on WiiWare
By jb
Yesterday, 02:21 (view)
Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo 3DS) - Friend Codes, Trades and Chat
By c3bot
2 Days ago, 23:26 (view)
See the Youkai Watch 2 3DS Debut Trailer
By jb
2 Days ago, 23:14 (view)
Youkai Watch 2 (Nintendo 3DS) - Official Topic
By c3bot
2 Days ago, 23:13 (view)
Review: Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry
By Azuardo
2 Days ago, 20:48 (view)
No Plans for Star Wars for Disney Infinity Series
By jb
2 Days ago, 19:24 (view)
New Princess Peach Pink Wii Remote Plus Announced
By jb
2 Days ago, 19:10 (view)
Five 3DS Games Get Price Cut: Mario Kart, Mario, Animal Crossing
By jb
2 Days ago, 16:18 (view)
Sayonara Umihara Kawase Coming to European Nintendo 3DS eShop on April 24th
By Azuardo
2 Days ago, 15:37 (view)
See Super Mario 64 in First Person Through Oculus Rift
By jb
2 Days ago, 09:48 (view)
Euro eShop 17/04: Mario Golf, Football, Castlevania
By jb
2 Days ago, 00:12 (view)
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 - Revelations (PlayStation 3) - Official Topic
By c3bot
3 Days ago, 23:25 (view)
Interview | Causal Bit Games on Insanity's Blade Wii U
By jb
3 Days ago, 22:20 (view)
Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) - Official Topic
3 Days ago, 17:26 (view)
Trinen on Localisation Changes for Tomodachi Life
By jb
3859Vorash Kadan
3 Days ago, 15:11 (view)
C3 Plays | Mario Kart Wii Online Multicam Sessions with Commentary
By jb
3 Days ago, 11:46 (view)
Review: Scourge: Outbreak
By jres80
3 Days ago, 10:30 (view)
Feature | Lights, Camera, Action! Special - MapleStory Anime
By Freda
4 Days ago, 22:42 (view)
Watch Over 400 New Super Smash Bros. Screenshots in Gallery Videos
By jb
4 Days ago, 21:50 (view)
Mario Kart Wii (Wii) - Friend Codes, Trades and Chat
By c3bot
4 Days ago, 20:33 (view)
Feature | Lights, Camera, Action! – The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Movie Review)
By Freda
12233Adam Riley
4 Days ago, 20:05 (view)
Bravely Default (Nintendo 3DS) - Friend Codes, Trades and Chat
By c3bot
4 Days ago, 17:14 (view)
Early Alpha Footage from Road Redemption
By jb
4 Days ago, 14:46 (view)
Interview | Prismatic Games Talks Wii U RTS Hex Heroes
By jb
4 Days ago, 14:10 (view)
Dungeon Crawl in Super Smash Bros 3DS
By jb
4 Days ago, 11:09 (view)
Review: Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition
By RudyC3
41173Vorash Kadan
4 Days ago, 07:47 (view)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) - Friend Codes, Trades and Chat
By c3bot
5 Days ago, 17:14 (view)
Flowerworks HD Details and Launch Trailer
By jb
5 Days ago, 14:02 (view)
Flowerworks HD (Wii U eShop) - Official Topic
By c3bot
5 Days ago, 13:59 (view)
Disney Magical World 3DS Launch Trailer
By jb
5 Days ago, 13:31 (view)
Demon Gaze (PS Vita) - Official Topic
By c3bot
5 Days ago, 13:29 (view)
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