Pok (GameCube) Preview

By Adam Riley 11.04.2004 2


Let us start things off by jumping straight in with a nice negative point: The graphical quality of Colosseum is really not up there with the GameCube greats of The Wind Waker, Crystal Chronicles and Metroid Prime. In fact, for a First Party title it is very weak, as this could have been pulled off on the Nintendo 64 from the looks of things! There are parts that remind of Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VII (yes, the now ancient PSone Square Enix RPG) and others that even hark back to the style of Enix's Terranigma and the Dragon Quest series. Basically it is a hodgepodge of different styles that honestly do not combine to produce an aesthetically pleasing game. Sure there are fancy Pok

Okay then, back on that road to hell: Unfortunately, as well, despite being on an extremely powerful console, Colosseum's in-game NPCs (the folk you do not control) are terribly boring to talk to since they usually only have one thing to say...repeatedly. This is quite a shame considering that the recently launched Sabre Wulf on the GBA had multiple lines of text for the various characters around the game so talking to them again did not prove to be both fruitless and annoyingly repetitive! Talking of text, there is, in addition, certainly something extremely strange about the translation of Pok

Finally, for now, travel through the game is not via any special form of transport, but carried out by moving a cursor on a two-dimensional, very plain looking, map screen. How inspiring...Come on Genius Sonority, sort it out - we are not still in the early 1990s you know! At least the usual Pok

Final Thoughts

This paints a rather bleak picture of the RPG side so far, but do not fear too much as expectations were high on jumping in, hence the overly critical comments. Perhaps given more time the hidden depths will shine through. Then again, they might not...But you will just have to sit tight and wait for the full C3 UK Review of Pok


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