Wario Ware, Inc: Mega Party Games (GameCube) Preview

By Adam Riley 23.05.2004 2

He was the success story that took everyone by surprise. He single-handedly ousted Nintendo's most recognised mascot from the Game Boy platform scene. He is the evil-tormenter of every living being. He is the large, gruesome, greedy fiend that stashes more money in his hidden vaults as is physically possible. He is Wario, and he is back in with a new money-making scheme

Everyone knows by now that Nintendo is the King of Innovation, right? Well, over the past few years people may have started to forget that fact in all honesty, and the advent of the Sony EyeToy could very well have been the final nail in the coffin. Could Nintendo really be losing its grip? Heck no! From completely out of the blue came Wario Ware Inc, Minigame Mania on the GBA and it totally blew gamers and Industry moguls away, promptly selling in high numbers in both the East and West.

Fast forward to present day. It has been nearly two years since the cunning of Wario managed to squeeze money from na

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Previously everything was mainly one-player based action where gamers had to test their concentration levels and endurance as what began as simple little tasks, such as moving a finger to pick a nose or shake a dog's paw, suddenly became nightmare-inducing frantic button-press marathons, with the action getting increasingly faster the further you progressed. This new budget GameCube outing, however, takes the original premise of over 200 microgames and throws more than twelve new multiplayer games into the mix to spice things up considerably!

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One of the main modes, and probably the most easily accessible to all, is 'Survival Fever', where gamers must either takes turns to play or actually take part all at the same time. However, should one of you lose three times then you are forced to sit out. Some of the games involve a little bit of faith as you will be instructed to do something in front of your friends that may cause embarrassment, but undoubtedly you will not be able to slink out of. Balloon Bang is another of the new modes of play, with gamers trying to complete microgames, alternating each time one finishes, whilst also blowing up a balloon until (can you guess what happens next?! Hehe...) *BOOM*

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Other than the completely crazy microgames mentioned (one of the new ones involves quickly cutting off someone's hair!), some of the major pulls will be the short versions of classic Nintendo games and toys, with the likes of Super Mario, Zelda and F-Zero all being 'homaged', as well as microgames that feature the Ultra Hand, Beam Gun and Game & Watch, to name but a few.

You might still be sceptical about this title and I really do not blame you, as I was exactly the same when the GBA d

Screenshot for Wario Ware, Inc: Mega Party Games on GameCube

Final Thoughts

Wario Ware may not be the most eye-pleasing game on the GameCube, but that is hardly the point. This is pure addiction in a DVD case









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