Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (Game Boy Advance) Preview

By Adam Riley 15.05.2004

Kirby titles have always been classed as 'not as good as Mario' and the character himself is shunned as a pretender to the throne in the West. However, the Japanese simply adore the pink blob and lap up any new game featuring his sucking exploits. But after the Head of HAL, Masahiro Sakurai, and actual Kirby creator left recently things looked bleak for the pink windbag. But here he is with a brand new GBA adventure, attempting to prove he can live on alone...

The first matter at hand that needs to be thrown in is that HAL Laboratories is not working alone on The Amazing Mirror. Instead it is getting a good dose of help from the good folks at Flagship, the Capcom subsidiary that has worked on Zelda: Oracle of Seasons & Ages for the GBC, Zelda III/Four Swords on the GBA and chipped in with Zelda: Four Swords Adventure on the GC. Certainly the development team of the moment in our eyes and a worthy group to aid with the new Kirby adventure, as will become apparent as you read on!

Screenshot for Kirby & The Amazing Mirror on Game Boy Advance

You will notice Flagships work straight away

Screenshot for Kirby & The Amazing Mirror on Game Boy Advance

So you can play alone through the adventure, which will have Kirby-veterans feeling right at home, or rope-in three friends for a crazy twist on the usual gameplay style. The fun never stops with The Amazing Mirror as you suck in air, float over treacherous hurdles and foes, spitting out objects at oncoming enemies to destroy them, or doing the trademark 'Kirby Swallow', whereby he sucks an enemy off...the screen (hehe, sorry) and then obtains its special ability to use against other oncoming bad guys.

The traditional Copy Abilities are present, such as being able to electrocute enemies, drop on them as a block and turn into a fireball, UFO or even a deadly missile. But there are also some that are exclusive to this new game

Screenshot for Kirby & The Amazing Mirror on Game Boy Advance

Everything will come in extremely handy when traversing the special themed, gorgeous-looking worlds of the Kirby Universe, solving brain-teasing puzzles, uncovering secret pathways and ultimately battling against one of the many difficult boss encounters in order to gain mirror shards that permit access to the final world and the Battle of all Battles!

Still want more? Well then, Kirby & The Amazing Mirror kindly obliges. You can take part in many lightning-fast challenges offered in the game pak, like Crackity Hack, Speed Eaters or Kirby Wave Ride (a pseudo-sequel to the average Air Ride on the GameCube). These extras can also be played with three friends, giving you an excellent party experience if that is what you prefer. You have everything you need from a GBA game here, truly excellent.

Screenshot for Kirby & The Amazing Mirror on Game Boy Advance

Final Thoughts

Wow, I really am totally speechless. Well, okay, I have not completely lost the ability to speak/type. This could very well prove to be Kirby's best adventure to date, which is certainly saying something since his first outing was back in the mid-1980s! Flagship has helped HAL keep that good old Kirby feel, yet bring so much freshness to the table that this is turning out to be a must-own GBA title, possibly an exemplar platformer in its own right. Brilliance epitomised!






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