1080 (GameCube) Preview

By James 23.02.2003 2


The new game, 1080

Screenshot for 1080 on GameCube

The graphics look pretty nice but the game is in about halfway through development. Some of the dynamic snow effects and snow spray look amazing and certainly a step forward from the last 1080

Screenshot for 1080 on GameCube

Expect to see lots of new courses and maybe (hopefully) some of the original courses. There will be a few new characters to play as including Nintendo's very own snowboarder!

Screenshot for 1080 on GameCube

Some of the modes we can expect to see and return are: championship, three or more difficulties racing two or (hopefully) more opponents, stunt mode, this one is what made 1080

Screenshot for 1080 on GameCube

Final Thoughts

All in all this game cannot fail, with an improved tricks engine the game can and with loads more modes and extras this game will not fail! It all depends on if Nintendo can implement this new and improved engine in well.









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