ISS 3 (GameCube) Preview

By James Temperton 30.03.2003

ISS used to be the best footy game on the planet, and for good reason, but something has gone badly wrong. The ISS we remember was a feisty footy sim with real zip and spice, what we have here is a real pudding of a game, everything plays like a poorly made dumpling, all stodgy and heavy, nothing flows right and even the simplest of moves can end in a pee roller into the keepers feet when what you really wanted was a thunder shot into the top left hand corner, those who were expecting Pro Evolution soccer in all but name, have got themselves FIFA World Cup in all but name.

The passing is a total disgrace and everything feels so shoddy and poorly made, the fact is the best way to play the game is to bypass the midfield altogether. Use either a left or right back, hug the sideline and run for your life, or as the game allows you to do, crawl along painfully like you have had your legs mauled by angry dogs.

The real problem with the game is the midfield, it would appear that all the physical style and punch of midfields worldwide has been missed out for tepid and sluggish play. The tackling is poor, anything more than running side by side with another player will result in a booking, and if the they fall over you will probably end up with three players left on the pitch after ninety minutes.

There is an interesting addition in the form of the 'close up camera'. This allows the camera to zoom in on one and one situations, which works surprisingly well, but does nothing for the gameplay. There are some nice things here, the multiplayer is as fun as ever, but play becomes predictable after a few games and you will just end up gaining and loosing possession.

Final Thoughts

When you consider that this game used to be the best game in its genre, and that Konami are the people behind the current best game in this genre it baffles you that this game can be so mediocre.









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