James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (First Look) (GameCube) Preview

By 27.05.2003

Well, it's been a while since the last good Bond game, we had Goldeneye from RARE and that was simply sublime, ever since the licence changed hands there's been a few "poor" games, these being Agent Under Fire and the not so much of a disappointment being Night Fire. So you ask, what can EA do to revolutionise the series, well they think they have the answer.

The storyline is independent from any Bond film but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. The storyline has never been too good in any of the Bond films anyway but Everything or Nothing offers what could be a very enthralling story. The freedom that Everything or Nothing will have is good because it means the story can take numerous twists and turns and you don't have to worry about knowing how the story goes because it's a totally new story.

Screenshot for James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (First Look) on GameCube

There is also new Auto Lock feature which wont drastically change the game but because it is in 3rd person it will make shooting enemies out a lot simpler. The gameplay will feature many new changes that a lot of gamers may not like. These will range from a new stealth style of gameplay to using your environment around Bond to take out enemies without using up your gun clips. The stealth mode will let you crawl up to enemies guarding an area and use a whole variety of weapons on the defenceless foes, you will also be able to use a more espionage approach in that you can temporarily dress as your foe to get past more enemies without coming into unnecessary combat. Although the depth of the stealth gameplay isn't close to that of Splinter Cell is should still be very fun. The AI will be a lot better than in the previous installations of Bond games from EA and should make for a tougher, more enjoyable game.

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The graphics look very impressive indeed and look to be some of the best yet on the Cube. Although it won't have the dynamic lighting effects of Splinter Cell it will still look pretty good on the eye.

Screenshot for James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (First Look) on GameCube

When you think of 3rd person games, the likes of Metal Gear Solid and the recent XBOX hit Splinter Cell come to mind, right? Well there's a new kid on the stealth block, that being Everything Or Nothing. The game features more varied missions than those seen in Night Fire and more varied levels. The levels will be a lot more interactive than they were previously. Now you can take out enemies with a whole arsenal of domestic weapons at your disposal such as bottles, chairs, guns and so on. When we say guns we mean that there is a Halo style melee attack that can be used when in close combat with a foe. Bond can now pick up items from his surroundings and throw them or attack his enemy with them. The hand-to-hand combat looks to be something revolutionary, well at least maybe for the Bond series this is revolutionary. And, as with any Bond game there are the gadgets, girls and cars to keep you enthralled with it. The car Bond will be driving round in, in this instalment is a Porsche Cayenne. Expect this one to be the best Bond since Goldeneye on the great Nintendo 64, Everything or Nothing most likely wont surpass Goldeneye but should still be able to hold a fair share of ground itself and shouldn't be slated as much as the other Bond games from EA. EA have made a very brave move scrapping the first person view for an all new 3rd person view but it should pay off.

Screenshot for James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (First Look) on GameCube

Final Thoughts

The absence of a multiplayer option could set the games sales back a bit but hopefully if the one player mode is good enough we won't need to worry about how much better the multiplayer would have been. The concept of a 3rd person Bond game could dissapoint those looking for a good old FPS but with the Bond franchise being such a big seller EA will want to make it as good as possible and to most to the majoritys liking.






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