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By Nick Cheesman 19.02.2005 8

The dating SIM, a game made for those who will probably never actually go on a date themselves. So the Nintendo demo graph fits right in there. (Put those pitch forks down, I've been on a date, I've been on one!) And now Ubi Soft have stepped in and decided to give the first real dating SIM in the West. But whether it will spring us all into a series of love and romance remains to be seen.

The game focuses on either Brett or Betty and a skiing holiday which leads them to a resort where they search for that special someone. But the dating is not restricted to the cozy cabin; gondolas are also on offer, along with the live and kicking night club and the absolutely essential hot tub. However this is not a simple ready for anything story, Betty is on the rebound after a break up, while Brett is out to seduce her. Bet you they end up together.

What may come across as strange for some die hard gamers, is the fact that this game does not use a Project Rub/Feel the Magic/Sega's Strange Dating Game constant mini game style of play, and instead focuses on what dating is all about, conversations between the two hopefuls. This could spell danger for a videogame; however Sprung's dialogue has been given a lick of "The O.C./Dawson's Creek" to avoid resembling something devoid of real romance. The conversations follow a tree system, where you have to quickly move the topic of conversation to what you are aiming for, and the aim is not always trying to get some. Not always, there are times to play cupid and get other characters in the game together, or ruin someone else's love life. All is fair in love and war all that. Saying the right or wrong thing in a conversation will result in either the conversation ending (And possibly mace in the eye) or moving on to the next scene and one step closer to love. This is all done by selecting responses and questions to whoever you are talking to, which can be done using the D-Pad or touch screen.

Requiring little more than text on a screen, Ubi Soft have added some style to Sprung to make it worth going after those lovely ladies. Sprites on both screens, (Your character and the one you are talking to) are colourful and well animated, and respond to how the conversation develops with smiles, grimaces and pepper spray. The simplicity allows for ease of read of the text, which is pretty imperative to Sprung's game mechanics, so it is greatly welcomed. Sprung's soundtrack consists primarily of background music to establish the scene and every location has its own theme music, with jazzy tunes in the club and even a nice little hot tub theme.

With the main game finished, there is an extra section complete with music room, museum and art gallery, that conveniently enough houses all the music, items and images found in the game. You can even edit the music's tempo and pitch if you should feel so inclined.

Final Thoughts

Sprung is described as a game where everyone scores, but for those seeking a game with more substance there is a strong chance Sprung will be to repetitive and shallow. For those who are drawn to the genre however, there is clearly something good here, with some very funny dialogue and great presentational style.









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Not to put a downer on a fine preview - but this game smelled so bad I prodded it with a stick briefly and then ran away crying as the stench filled my nostrils and made me feel woozy :sarcy:

Smilie The graphics are good, though, and show that the Broken Sword point 'n click games would work wonderfully on the DS!

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

I thought as much. I think your preview might be making it sound a little more appealing than it actually is Smilie

Trying to think of a witty signature after 'Hacker-gate'...

lol, this is one game i wont get, id get annoyed to quick :P
makes you wander why developers even make some games Smilie

I've heard bad reviews on this one.

i havent bothered looking at any, but i cant imagine it to score well with anyone other than those who like this sorta thing.

Guest 20.02.2005#6

Is this the game that scored 1s and 2s?

Nevermind, that was that chat "game".

[ Edited by Bartholomeus On 2005/2/20 16:06 ]

Ping Pals...I've given that a preview too, worst idea for a launch title...ever.

Sprung has got mildly bad reviews, I'm sure if you're really lonely you will find something fun...

What have UBI Soft done publishing this! They shouldve chucked it straight in the bin! Still i'm happy a game like this has come out early in the DS life cycle - rather than later, it just gets it out of the way!

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