Robots (Nintendo DS) Preview

By Nick Cheesman 11.03.2005 6

This is the one and only game that we, as Europeans, get exclusively at our launch. It makes you very choked up inside does it not? A movie tie in for Europe, let us a hold hands and sing

Robots follows the bizarrely named Rodney Copperbottom (Voiced by Ewen McGregor) as he leaves his safe and happy robot home to live in the big, bad robot city, so he can sell his inventions to save the world and some sort, however bad things start to happen, and Sierra made a game out of it. Enough said really

Small racing sections have also been chopped into the fray, that mimic the huge and very unorthodox transportation system the robot city uses (Huge hammers, catapults, orb like things from Gladiators) and it is Rodney's mission to beat the clock to the checkered flag as he advances along half pipes and avoids oncoming traffic. Power ups and boosts are all present to aid these missions but the racing sections unfortunately seem as if they were just thrown in for the sake of it.

If you actually compare the DS version to the GBA version the DS slightly wins over using 3D locations, and 3D effects in the menus, as well as using the touch screen to look at maps and items, yet both look and control in relatively the same way. One nice, if a little pointless addition, is the ability to use a doodle function on the map to note down anything important, like character locations, however these do not save to the cart so do not expect that strange looking phallic thing you drew to stick around.

Final Thoughts

To simply put everything in perspective with Robots, Griptonite, the makers of this here game, also made The Urbz for the DS, another DS game that looked remarkably like the GBA version, so it is safe to say that the GBA will not die if developers keep up with the GBA to DS ports. On the whole, Robots looks like a mildly entertaining game that has a few plus points over the GBA version, but still seems like a very average platformer.









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heard this game was a little crap!! :P

A movie cash-in? This must be good!

This game looks like nothing a DS can do, just a little bit better GBA version in terms of grahpics, when will they learn to utlize the bloody capabilites of the DS!

At least it made it out for launch....i think thats a good thing!

hmmmm, not really :roll:
its just all.....crap.....

Reviews say it is crap...expect more games like this to crop up sadly...

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