Fight Night Round 2 (GameCube) Preview

By Nick Cheesman 24.03.2005 4

We GameCube owners missed out on the first round of Fight Night, but rest assured it was one of the more realistic boxers on the market, and now EA have decided to make up for a lack of Godfather, Burnout 3 and Battlefield: Modern Combat, with the new EA Sports game. Don't say they never do anything for us.

Unlike in the version 'Cube owners never saw, this time contenders can get their hands on all three belts at once and not need to worry about the different weight categories. Also a new addition is the fact your boxer can keep going even when he is over the hill and well past his sell by date. Along with this are the Fight Night necessities; managing options, training sections that range from dummies to punching bags and the career mode.

The boxers available to pummel with or against include greats from all the weight classes such as Evander Holyfield and Roy Jones Jr. accompanied by a few legends such as Mohammad Ali and fictional boxers like Super Punch Out's Little Mac, which is exclusive to the GameCube. If none of these boxers interest you, EA has brought in the Create-a-champ option that has graced nearly all the EA Sports games lately, and uses the joy-stick and C-stick to mould your boxer's muscle and body fat. Trunks, gloves, hair, face and boots can all be altered to great depths to create monstrosities and masterpieces.

To actually let loose with those hooks and jabs of fury, EA have used the C-stick and a simple method of going in with your fist. Jabs are done by quickly moving the stick left or right, hooks by going left or right then upwards, and uppercuts by going downwards diagonally and then upwards in a circular motion. To add some more power behind your shots you have to pull backwards slightly before moving the C-stick in the appropriate direction, similar to the real life motion.

Haymakers are now on hand to finish opponents off and there is a meter present to show how much power you have put into these final blows. Unfortunately throwing haymakers wildly will not only mean you miss a lot, but also will make your boxer tired and loose power in their punches, as well as health and stamina.

Apart from fighting Round 2 brings in a new cut-man system where you can reduce the cuts and swellings of your boxer at the end of each round. Using the joystick to target areas, and the C-stick to try and reduce cuts or swellings, there is now the tactical edge of aiming at sections of an opponents face. If they encounter too much damage, such as loosing vision in their eye due to swelling, the fight is over.

The graphics have actually been toned down in polygon number in Round 2 to focus on other effects such as lighting and blurring. The boxers have been given an overhaul with muscles moving and flexing together, accurate collision detection and realistic faces. The camera also shakes when thunderous punches hit to give more emphasize on the pain.

Final Thoughts

Considering Ubi Soft strangely decided to not give Rocky Legends to the GameCube, and since the beat 'em up/fighting scene on the 'Cube has been extremely thin as of late (We got that Naruto and Dragon Ball Z game) a decent looking boxing game is extremely welcome, and considering this is a case of a game being brought and not dumped from the 'Cube, there are many good reasons to look forward to Round 2. Even if we did miss Round 1.


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A little bit late, but that is what happens when you get preoccupied with news reporting. Still looks pretty good.

Certianly did get preoccupied didn'tcha!?

Blimey, if I'm on MSN you must ask for some help whenever you decide to go on a rampage again you poor fellow!

I general don't even look for news at the moment, just don't have time, but no man should have to do all that on his own!

Anyway, nice preview, not my kind of game personally, though. :Smilie

Cubed3 Staff [ Retro Editor :: Previews Editor ]

Will do buddy, but made up for my absence and lateness as of yet. Round 2 looks quite cool, may try and pick it up for cheap.

hahahaha, the boxart cracks me up....

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