FIFA Football 2005 (GameCube) Preview

By James Temperton 03.09.2004 2

Another year, another FIFA. No surprises in the fact that the game will soon be with us, to be honest we weren't expecting a huge amount...but perhaps we are about to be proven wrong. We had a go at both the single and multiplayer modes, and there certainly seem to be quite a few improvements over the 2004 version of this title.

One of our major gripes with the surprisingly good predecessor was the ease at which you could score. After time on World Class mode we would find ourselves winning by scores as stupid as Liverpool 16

Screenshot for FIFA Football 2005 on GameCube

Both single player and multiplayer sections are hugely enjoyable. The satisfaction from scoring a goal by playing good football is a bigger factor than ever, as this version forces you to play good football, rather than simply trying to cheat the games flaws. Crossing, long passes, making runs, pass and move football. It is all in here, and as Arsen

Screenshot for FIFA Football 2005 on GameCube

One flaw that has reared its ugly head is the re-emergence of poor and loose controls. Players seem to be sluggish and at times a little tricky to direct accurately. The general arcade feel to it though is a good one, and one that will attract the idiots who like the name and the more sensible people that own a GameCube and thus can't get their hands on Pro Evolution.

Screenshot for FIFA Football 2005 on GameCube

As always the graphics and sounds are excellent. The players look a lot more alike their living versions and there are more stadiums than ever before. All the teams, all the players, all the sights and all the sounds. The usual FIFA boasts, and not much more besides.

Screenshot for FIFA Football 2005 on GameCube

Final Thoughts

We have seen it before, and now we are seeing it all over again. FIFA is far from essential, and whilst this game is enjoyable there is little to attract you to it if you have the 2004 version. The only things that might persuade an informed gamer to buy this title would be the player updates, improved players being improved in the games, new signings and new stars, etc. Generally improved it certainly is, but don't expect it to be stunning. No sir.


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